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Ultrasonic Sensors - 1

Ultrasonic Sensors for Any Industrial Application Your automation, our passion.

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Ultrasonic Sensors - 2

Find Your Ultrasonic Sensor in Just a Few Clicks. Go online. Specify your requirements. Select your ultrasonic sensor. You can find the right solution for your application in just a few clicks. If you have any questions, our experts are available to take your call. Online Search on the Pepperl+Fuchs Website Enter the model number in the search field on the Pepperl+Fuchs website and get to your product selection immediately. Model numbers can be found in this brochure in the technical data summaries. Or you can navigate through our range of product families and groups. Product selectors help...

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Ultrasonic Sensors - 3

Ultrasonic Sensor Technology from Pepperl+Fuchs 4 Ultrasonic Technology-Function and Advantages 6 Cube-Style Ultrasonic Sensors 10 Cylindrical Ultrasonic Sensors 18 Chemically Resistant Ultrasonic Sensors 26 Hygienic Ultrasonic Sensors 28 Double Material Detection 30 Double Sheet Detection 32 Splice Detection/Label Detection 34

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Ultrasonic Sensors - 4

Ultrasonic Sensor Technology from Pepperl+Fuchs Innovation and Expertise Right from the Start With our unique expertise in developing and manufacturing ultrasonic sensors, Pepperl+Fuchs is working on the application solutions of the future. Our ultrasonic portfolio combines decades of in-house expertise in ultrasonic transducers, an ultrasonic technology center, and comprehensive expert knowledge—for future-proof, application-oriented sensor solutions. Sensorik4.0 ®—Paving the Way for the Smart Factory Ultrasonic sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs are built in our own technology center, where...

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Ultrasonic Sensors - 5

Ultrasonic Sensor Technology from Pepperl+Fuchs

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Ultrasonic Sensors - 6

Ultrasonic Technology—Function and Advantages One Technology— Limitless Versatility Ultrasonic technology is known for its reliability and outstanding versatility. It’s up to the challenge when other technologies reach their limits. That’s because ultrasound has qualities that make it the ideal sensing technology for a variety of applications. Ultrasonic sensors can be used for even the most complex detection and monitoring tasks, because their measuring method works reliably under almost all conditions. Extremely Versatile and Reliable Ultrasonic Technology for Superior Performance Wood,...

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Ultrasonic Sensors - 7

Ultrasonic Technology—Function and Advantages Diffuse Mode Sensor: Detection and Measurement with Just One Ultrasonic Transducer In a diffuse mode sensor, the ultrasonic transducer is both an emitter and receiver. This single-housing design simplifies installation and is well suited for fill level detection in tanks. The surface of liquids or granular material reflects the emitted sound waves, meaning the sensor can detect a limit level while continually measuring the level. Retroreflective Sensor: Background as Reference Ensures Reliable Sensor Function A retroreflective sensor uses the...

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Ultrasonic Sensors - 8

Ultrasonic Technology—Function and Advantages Using Technology to Its Full Potential No two applications are the same—each one places unique demands on a sensor. To provide reliable measurements at any time, Pepperl+Fuchs combines the advantages of ultrasonic technology with high-performance sensor solutions that meet the toughest challenges in any environment. Individually Adjustable Sound Beam Ensures Fault-Free Performance Universal Sensing Technology That Can Handle Any Environment Ultrasonic sensors use a sound beam for detection. This provides maximum reliability because detection is...

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Ultrasonic Sensors - 9

Ultrasonic Technology-Function and Advantages Synchronization: Fault-Free Operation When Using Several Sensors in Tight Spaces When several ultrasonic sensors are installed close together, they can interfere with each other. To correct this, two operating modes are available, depending on the application. When synchronized in multiplex mode, the sensors send signals alternately and analyze their own echo. In common mode, all sensors transmit at the same time and analyze all received echoes. In both scenarios, maximum functional safety is ensured. Special Design for Use Outdoors, in Wet...

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Ultrasonic Sensors - 10

Cube-Style Ultrasonic Sensors Cube-Style Housings: Broad Portfolio for a Variety of Industrial Applications Our wide range of cube-style ultrasonic sensors offers the right solution for virtually any application. Special designs and features such as minimized dead bands, extended ranges, and extra-robust versions give the user the greatest possible flexibility.

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Ultrasonic Sensors - 11

Cube-Style Ultrasonic Sensors F77 Series With lO-Link, sound beam adjustment, synchronization, long detection ranges of up to 800 mm, and minimal dead bands, F77 series ultrasonic sensors offer an unparalleled range of features and adjustment options. The series is available in a standard or side-looker version with integrated M18 thread. The minimized dead bands and long detection range mean objects close to the sensor and farther away are detected reliably. The sound beam width is easy to switch depending on requirements. At the same time, automatic sensor synchronization allows sensors...

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Ultrasonic Sensors - 12

Cube-Style Ultrasonic Sensors F12 Series F12 series diffuse mode ultrasonic sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications and offer special sensor functions. They are available with either a switching or analog output. The potentiometer or button on the device are used during configuration and operation. It is quick and easy to switch the sound beam between three widths. This allows measurement to be performed in narrow feeds, such as bottling lines in filling machines or vibrating conveyors. In such arrangements, sensors mounted close together can be synchronized automatically so...

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Ultrasonic Sensors - 13

Cube-Style Ultrasonic Sensors Extremely Flexible and Powerful L2 Series L2 series ultrasonic sensors offer a unique range of possibilities. The key features are the sensor’s cubic shape and the adjustable sensor head, which opens up a host of integration options. During commissioning, a wide selection of parameters can either be set directly on the device or on a PC—for example, using the device type manager in the PACTware user interface. IP67 rating offers the best conditions for maximum availability in harsh environments, such as when monitoring recycling collection vehicles or in...

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