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Industrie 4.0: New Challenges for Automation Sensorik4.0®: Communication-Ready Sensors for Industrie 4.0 Applications Envisioning factories of the future, Industrie 4.0 presents the automation industry with new challenges. It creates a scenario of fully networked production systems that exchange data not only horizontally within the production processes but also vertically up to higher-level information systems such as MES or ERP - or even beyond company boundaries. Fully networked production systems require a communication-ready sensor technology that would allow sensor data to be transferred effectively. Such communication-ready sensors are a key feature of Sensorik4.0®: Under this label, Pepperl+Fuchs is providing a new generation of innovative sensor solutions for use in Industrie 4.0 scenarios. While this scenario enables communication at any time between any subscriber and at any hierarchy level, the current status of many factories continues to be traditional machine communication on the control level. It is for these companies that Pepperl+Fuchs is developing sensor solutions that are paving the way for the innovations of Industrie 4.0. Your automation, our passion. Explosion Protection ■ Intrinsically Safe Barriers ■ Signal Conditioners > Field bus Infrastructure ■ Remote I/O Systems ■ HART Interface Solutions > Wireless Solutions ■ Level Measurement ■ Purge and Pressurization Systems > Industrial Monitors and HMI Solutions ■ Electrical Explosion Protection Equipment > Solutions for Explosion Protection Industrial Sensors ■ Proximity Sensors ■ Photoelectric Sensors ■ Industrial Vision ■ Ultrasonic Sensors ■ Rotary Encoders ■ Positioning Systems ■ Inclination and Acceleration Sensors ■ AS-Interface ■ Identification Systems ■ Logic Control Units ■ Connectivity Harnessing sensor data. Creating value. Improving simplicity. SmartBridge® Interface PEPPERL+FUCHS Subject to modifications • © Pepperl+Fuchs Printed in Germany • Part. No. 292034 07/16 01 Your automation, our passion.

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® IO-Link sensor SmartBridge® interface Control unit Condition-based maintenance, process optimization, and service on demand - these have become a reality with SmartBridge® technology. SmartBridge® takes valuable status data from automation components and makes it directly available to higher-level information systems. It not only increases the efficiency of the individual processes, but also your entire production process. Applications: ■ Commissioning, control, and maintenance, even for IO-Link devices that are difficult to access ■ Demonstration and marketing aid for IO-Link devices If...

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