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Series 6500 px/py forr Zone 1/21


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Series 6500 px/py forr Zone 1/21 - 1

Simplifying protection. Delivering reliability. Optimizing productivity. 6500 Series Ex px/py for Zone 1/21 Your automation, our passion.

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Series 6500 px/py forr Zone 1/21 - 2

Engineered for simple operation, the Bebco EPS 6500 Series Ex px+py purge and pressurization system sets a new standard for global purge solutions. Specifically designed for Zone 1/21 locations - this innovative automatic system delivers all the features you need for reliable hazardous location protection within a small, streamlined solution. Unmatched Products and Reputation The Bebco EPS brand stands for excellence in design, technology, distribution, competitive pricing, and delivery. As global leaders in purge and pressurization solutions, our reputation in the industry is unmatched....

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Series 6500 px/py forr Zone 1/21 - 3

Surrounding hazardous atmosphere Enclosure protection vent Clean air replaces the hazardous gas Control unit Straightforward and Reliable Protection When it comes to placing electrical equipment in hazardous locations, few protection methods offer the versatility and efficiency of purge and pressurization. When compared to heavy explosion-proof enclosures or technical intrinsic safety methods, purge and pressurization delivers an unmatched combination of cost-effectiveness and simplicity for hazardous location protection. Purge and Pressurization Process System Components Purge and...

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Series 6500 px/py forr Zone 1/21 - 4

With its universal design, the 6500 Series can deliver reliable hazardous location protection for a wide range of demanding Zone 1/21 applications. From large control cabinets to complex custom solutions, the 6500 Series provides field-proven safety that you can trust. Eliminating the Complexity of Explosion Protection Engineered for Simplicity Because purge and pressurization eliminates the need for heavy, explosion-proof enclosures, the 6500 Series is an ideal solution for Zone 1/21 control cabinets and panels - helping reduce overall cost, weight, and space requirements. With the...

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Series 6500 px/py forr Zone 1/21 - 5

Universal Design for Easy Integration The 6500 Series was designed to reduce the burden of typical purge installations. With universal AC/DC power requirements and internal or external mounting options, the 6500 Series makes it easy to integrate, specify, and install into a wide variety of applications. Also available as a component kit, the 6500 Series allows the control unit and user interface to be separated up to 19.8 meters. Application-Focused Relief Vent The 6500 Series relief vent, which is a required component of the 6500 system, provides one of the only fully digital vent units on...

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Series 6500 px/py forr Zone 1/21 - 6

Automatic Technology for Safe Operation Automatic Purge Controls pressure monitoring and control to compensate for enclosure leakage or pressure differentials Automatic temperature control via RTD input, with output signals to activate a solenoid valve or external heater/cooler Automatic power control for immediate shutdown in the event of complete pressure loss (required for Zone 1/21 applications) Automatic diagnostic feedback and system status through RS485 communication s integrity Proces tative mainten even anc Pr e Safety shu tdo wn Shutting down a critical process on the plant floor...

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Series 6500 px/py forr Zone 1/21 - 7

Real-Time Communication for Optimized Productivity For demanding hazardous locations, continuously monitoring a particular applica­ tion is essential to maintaining a process safety. The 6500 Series delivers on this need and offers advanced diagnostic capability either with a hardwired RS485 or Bluetooth connection for complete control of the application. Remote Connection for Simple Diagnostics The 6500 Series control unit is equipped with an RS485 commu­ nication port with HART protocol. This added feature allows real-time monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities directly in the...

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Series 6500 px/py forr Zone 1/21 - 8

Ignition Protection for Process Analyzer Applications The measurement and monitoring of trace gases or liquids has become an essential process for the process automation industry. Highly sophisticated electronic gas analyzers used for these applications are continuously exposed to dangerous gases and demand reliable ignition protection for their internal electronics. With its advanced programming and dilution capabilities, the 6500 Series provides a reliable and effective solution designed specifically to handle these tough applications. Difficult Applications Made Easy The 6500 Series...

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Series 6500 px/py forr Zone 1/21 - 9

Not all purge and pressurization solutions are created equal. At Pepperl+Fuchs’ Solution Engineering Centers (SECs), we have the unique ability to offer engineering and tailor-made system solutions for customers all over the world. From conventional purged enclosures to highly customized solutions - there is no job that we can’t handle. Comprehensive Range of Services Pepperl+Fuchs’ SEC works across a variety of industries and scales to satisfy our customers’ needs, from single, small-scale solutions to complex, global installation projects. Our SEC is highly trained in the manufacturing...

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Series 6500 px/py forr Zone 1/21 - 10

Global Reach Staying in touch. The world over. Good customer relationships need care and attention. They are an indication of genuine interest, trust, and a cooperative spirit: the foundation of Pepperl+Fuchs’ strengths. No matter where you might be, we are always nearby. And we speak your language – in more than 140 countries the world over. At home on all continents Our customers are at the center of all our activities. Our worldwide network ensures that we provide them with the best possible service and support. Our world headquarters in Mannheim services Europe through a network of more...

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Series 6500 px/py forr Zone 1/21 - 12

Explosion Protection ■ Intrinsically Safe Barriers ■ Signal Conditioners ■ Fieldbus Infrastructure ■ Remote I/O Systems ■ HART Interface Solutions ■ Wireless Solutions ■ Level Measurement ■ Purge and Pressurization Systems ■ Industrial Monitors and HMI Solutions ■ Electrical Explosion Protection Equipment ■ Solutions for Explosion Protection Industrial Sensors ■ Proximity Sensors ■ Photoelectric Sensors ■ Industrial Vision ■ Ultrasonic Sensors ■ Rotary Encoders ■ Positioning Systems ■ Inclination and Acceleration Sensors ■ AS-Interface ■ Identification Systems ■ Logic Control Units ■...

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