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Product Overview for Factory Automation Your automation, our passion

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Inclination and Acceleration Sensors 74

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Innovative Solutions. Perfect Applications. As a technology leader in industrial sensor technology and a pioneer in electrical explosion protection, Pepperl+Fuchs has been developing components and solutions for over 70 years. Above all, our goal is to offer the perfect solutions for our customers’ applications. This is only possible with close collaboration. Not only do we share our passion for automation with customers—we also share our in-depth expertise and experience. Forging ahead with new ideas and finding new approaches is what drives us. This is the foundation for technologically...

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Pepperl+Fuchs—Your Partner for Industrial Automation For over 70 years, Pepperl+Fuchs has relied on the highest quality standards in the development of innovative technologies. Along the way, we have become a global leader in industrial sensor technology—with a comprehensive portfolio that offers the perfect solution for almost any application. Industrial Sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs Five sensor technology centers, 500 development engineers, and more than 35,000 products—these numbers illustrate our technological expertise and constant endeavor to advance innovative ideas to perfection. After...

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Key Partners in the Pepperl+Fuchs Group VMT GmbH: Advanced Vision Systems With 20 years of experience in vision, laser measurement technology, and vision-guided robotics, VMT Vision Machine Technic Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH is one of the leading international vision technology providers. We offer customers a broad portfolio of standard and customized vision solutions. As a competence center for vision in the Pepperl+Fuchs Group, VMT offers the most advanced technologies combined with absolute investment security. Neoception GmbH: Custom IoT Solutions On the...

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Industry 4.0: New Paths, New Possibilities Fully networked systems and communications across all hierarchy levels—the concept of Industry 4.0 offers enormous opportunities but also creates significant challenges for the automation industry. Industry 4.0: New Challenges for Automation The scenario of fully networked systems is defined by data communication, both within production processes and to higher-level information systems beyond the physi cal walls of the plant. In such networked systems, communications take place at any time and between any participant and at any hierarchy level. But...

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Sensors and Systems - 10

Intelligent Sensor Technology― Future-Proof Thanks to IO-Link Faster commissioning, maximum transparency down to the sensor/actuator level, and preventive maintenance—IO-Link technology enables access to valuable status data for optimally networked production systems in line with Industry 4.0. The basis: Pepperl+Fuchs’ portfolio of IO-Link devices. Efficient Communication down to the Field Level Developed as a manufacturer-independent standard technology, IO-Link puts the intelligence of sensors to work. The technology enables access to process data and valuable status data, allowing wear...

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Proximity Sensors The Best Sensing Solutions— Directly from the Inventor As the inventor of the proximity sensor, Pepperl+Fuchs has continually developed and perfected this noncontact, wearfree technology. Leveraging decades of experience, we have built a comprehensive portfolio of inductive, capacitive, and magnetic sensors that offers the perfect sensing solution for every application. Quality beyond the Standard Pepperl+Fuchs’ proximity sensors are known for innovative features, reliability, and the highest quality standards. As pioneers in sensing technology, we see it as our...

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Sensors and Systems - 14

Our complete portfolio of inductive proximity sensors is just as diverse as the customers and industries we serve. With global certifications, a wide variety of technologies and features, and an array of product designs and materials, our selection of over 6,000 sensors makes it easy to find the perfect sensing solution. Typical Applications ■ Wear-free, noncontact detection of metallic objects at distances of up to 100 mm ■ Position detection in machine tools ■ Monitoring end positions—e.g., in crane applications ■ Positioning of skids or trays in automotive production Key Benefits ■...

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Technical Features ■ The largest selection of global certifications, including country- and industry-specific approvals (e.g., KOSHA, NEPSI, GL/DNV, UL, CCC, ATEX, IECEx, EAC-Ex, E1, and SIL) ■ Sensors for all supply voltages (DC, AC, universal current) and output signals—discrete (two-, three-, and four-wire), analog, IO-Link, AS-Interface, and NAMUR ■ Large selection of designs and materials ■ Complete range of cable and connector types ■ Variety of specialty features, including metal-face sensors and reduction factor 1 ■ Sensing ranges up to 100 mm

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Sensors and Systems - 16

Industry-Specific Special Sensors Beyond our comprehensive standard portfolio, different industries pose different challenges for sensor technology. Three extreme examples are the automotive industry, mobile equipment, and the process industry, where intrinsically safe NAMUR sensors are used. Typical Applications ■ Position sensing for weld areas in automotive production ■ Valve position monitoring in hazardous areas ■ Monitoring of supports on mobile cranes Key Benefits ■ Largest portfolio of sensors for explosion protection with global approvals (including ATEX, IECEx, EAC-Ex), e.g., in...

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Proximity Sensors in Special Designs In addition to industry-specific solutions, sensors often have to be adapted to specific installation requirements. Along with numerous cylindrical and cube-style housings, our portfolio also includes special designs that have been designed for specific applications. Typical Applications ■ Ring-shaped proximity sensors for small-parts detection or level detection ■ F58 housing: detection of two different target positions in space-restricted applications—e.g., on power clamps Key Benefits of Selected Sensors Ring-Shaped Proximity Sensors in RC/RJ Housing:...

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