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Sensors and Systems with IO-Link


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Sensors and Systems with IO-Link - 1

Unlocking added value. Discovering flexibility. Enabling Industry 4.0. Sensors and Systems with IO-Link Your automation, our passion. P PEPPERL+FUCHS

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Sensors and Systems with IO-Link - 2

Find Your IO-Link Device in Just a Few Clicks Go online. Specify your requirements. Select your device. You can find the right solution for your application in just a few clicks. If you have any questions, our experts are available to take your call. Online Search on the Pepperl+Fuchs Website Enter the model number in the search field on the Pepperl+Fuchs website and get to your product selection immediately. Model numbers can be found in this brochure in the technical data summaries. Or you can navigate through our range of product families and groups. Product selectors help you select the...

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Sensors and Systems with IO-Link - 3

lO-Link Infrastructure Ethernet IO Modules with lO-Link 14 IO-Link Devices Photoelectric Sensors 20 Inductive Proximity Sensors 24 Inductive Positioning Systems 26

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Sensors and Systems with IO-Link - 4

Technology The Standard for Future-Proof Technology lO-Link enables comprehensive diagnostics down to the sensor/actuator level, reduces costs, and provides a secure investment. Pepperl+Fuchs’ IO-Link portfolio offers a complete solution from a single source for flexible solutions. Standardization for Industry 4.0 lO-Link is an internationally standardized, cross-vendor IO technology that enables bidirectional communication from the control system to the sensor/actuator level. The fieldbus-independent open standard can be integrated into any system landscape using standard unshielded...

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Sensors and Systems with IO-Link - 6

Technology Reducing Costs with IO-Link IO-Link offers countless new possibilities and creates added value for users. It reduces complexity, provides needs-based maintenance with comprehensive diagnostics, and enables individualized production with central data storage and automatic configuration. Comprehensive Diagnostics Down to the Sensor/Actuator Level Bidirectional communication from the control system to the field level enables comprehensive diagnostics of sensors and actuators. In addition to cyclical process data, a wealth of additional data is transferred acyclically, allowing...

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Sensors and Systems with IO-Link - 7

lO-Link at a Glance ■ Bidirectional, serial point-to-point connectivity for signal and power ■ Operating modes: Standard IO mode (SIO), lO-Link mode ■ Three transfer rates: 4.8 kBaud (COM 1), 38.4 kBaud (COM 2), 230.4 Kbaud (COM 3) ■ Unshielded standard industry cable for all connections ■ Pin assignment: Pin 1: 24 V, Pin 3: 0, Pin 4: Switching and communication line (C/Q) ■ Cable length: 20 m maximum Batch Size 1 Production IO-Link sensors can be configured via the control system. This simplifies commissioning and makes quick recipe changes possible without extended downtime. Even...

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Sensors and Systems with IO-Link - 8

Technology Future-Proof with IO-Link Smart Sensor Profiles for simple integration and a reliable investment— Pepperl+Fuchs is pioneering integration of the new standard and paving the way toward Industry 4.0. Uniform Structures Ensure Efficiency Every IO-Link device that incorporates Smart Sensor Profiles is developed to follow a general specification and structure. The same device information is always stored and available anytime, and the pin layout and available operating modes are also identical in every device. This standardization ensures efficient machine design—and compatibility...

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Sensors and Systems with IO-Link - 9

Smart Sensor Profiles: Finding a Common Denominator To achieve true standardization, data transfer, data structures, and data content must be clearly defined for all manufacturers. Smart Sensor Profiles were developed for this purpose. They divide all sensors into types that are not determined by manufacturer or sensing mode but by the signal that a sensor transmits. Profile-specific function blocks exist for each profile class to make integration quick and easy for users. Once a device from a specific profile class is initially integrated into a control system, the integration of...

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Sensors and Systems with IO-Link - 10

Portfolio Complete Solution from a Single Source A comprehensive portfolio of IO-Link devices, IO-Link infrastructure, software, and connectivity—this is the complete solution of intelligent IO-Link systems from Pepperl+Fuchs. Flexible Applications IO-Link Infrastructure: Optimized for Every Application Pepperl+Fuchs’ IO-Link portfolio offers flexible solutions for a range of applications—photoelectric sensors, ultrasonic sensors, inductive proximity sensors, positioning systems, and RFID. In addition to sensors, IO-Link masters, connectivity, I/O hubs, and software are also available. Take...

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Sensors and Systems with IO-Link - 11

IO-Link Infrastructure Ethernet IO Modules with IO-Link Master IO-Link Devices Inductive Proximity Sensors Inductive Positioning Systems Photoelectric Sensors Ultrasonic Sensors Identification Systems Standard Devices Digital Sensors

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Sensors and Systems with IO-Link - 12

Portfolio Software Tools for Every Application Pepperl+Fuchs offers a comprehensive set of tools for sensor configuration and diagnostics. Convenient, standardized user interfaces make sensors even easier to use. IODD: Standardized Device Description for Easy Commissioning Every IO-Link device has an IO device description (IODD) file that contains a range of information for integration into different systems. This information includes communication characteristics, available parameters and functions, and the user interface, among other things. Because the IODD structure has been...

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Sensors and Systems with IO-Link - 13

Offline Configuration PACTware With offline configuration, IO-Link devices are configured before they are mounted. Pepperl+Fuchs’ IO-Link USB master can be used for this. IODD Interpreter In addition to the master, a program such as PACTware, USB Master DTM, or IODD interpreter is required to display an IO-Link device’s IODD. Device DTMs simplify operation of more complex devices with a graphical interface. Online Configuration Control Portal To commission machines and plants, the IO-Link master and devices must be integrated into the appropriate automation system, which requires different...

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Sensors and Systems with IO-Link - 14

Ethernet IO Modules with IO-Link Efficient, Innovative, and Durable Flexible Connectivity to Higher-Level Systems Pepperl+Fuchs’ Ethernet IO modules offer a number of innovative features. With a versatile multi-protocol capability, they provide optimum efficiency for standardizing manufacturing facilities. IO-Link and comprehensive diagnostics are important for maintaining and troubleshooting your machines. These innovative, high-performance communication modules can help optimize your installations. standard Ethernet communication protocols are supported in one single module for optimal...

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