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R2100 Multi-Ray LED Scanner


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Revolutionizing 2D measurement. Maximizing longevity. Challenging expectations. Your automation, our passion.

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A Distance Ahead: Your Crucial Edge in the Market The new generation of distance-based photoelectric sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs is the first to combine measurement principles and the simplicity of standard sensoring technology.

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Pulse Ranging Technology Pulse Ranging Technology Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT) is an innovative measurement method from Pepperl+Fuchs and is well established in many areas of automation technology. Now PRT is more powerful than ever before, providing two-dimensional measurement over an area instead of just one point. This creates new opportunities for a variety of applications. Measuring logic Pulse Ranging Technology – true time-of-flight technology True time-of-flight technology Sensors with PRT emit a very short, high-intensity light pulse and calculate object distance based on the...

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Sophisticated Design for Maximum Efficiency The R2100 pushes the realm of possibility one step further by combining our PRT with ultra-IR LEDs and multiray scan. Equipped with these breakthrough technologies, the R2100 becomes an economic solution with exceptional performance, flexibility, and durability. R2100: Multi-Ray LED scanner + PRT in one device Distance measurement over a wide area with no moving parts – these fundamental principles give the R2100 a distinct advantage over conventional laser scanners. Unlike most 2D laser scanners that use a motorized system to rotate a mirror, the...

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The World’s First Multi-Ray LED Scanner Durable and robust - R2100 delivers extra durability and ruggedness by eliminating the need for moving parts that can break down or wear out over time. Mature technology - PRT is the most effective time-of-flight measurement technology for maximum precision and reliability over large distances, even in harsh ambient conditions. Ultra-IR LEDs are inherently eye safe, yet still provide powerful performance and exceptional longevity over a wide range of operating temperatures. Reliable measurement results For the first time, the power and flexibility of...

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Innovative Technologies for Challenging Applications Demanding tasks require robust sensors. The R2100 is the ideal solution for a multitude of technologically challenging applications in mobile equipment, intralogistics, specialty machines, and system engineering. Reliable forklift detection at a transfer station For demanding applications The R2100 evaluates objects in two dimensions with multiray scan – evaluating a 2D area using an array of wide-beam LED emitters. Combining this technology with PRT ensures reliable detection of any surface, regardless of shape or texture. And with no...

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High Response Speeds for Fast Processes The intelligent sensor electronics allow the highest response rates. This guarantees very fast process times and maximum efficiency. The R2100 ensures precise guidance along the harvesting line The R2100 detects empty storage bays in an ASRS facility Intelligent and fast measurement Typical applications R2100 is also ideal for automated storage and retrieval (ASRS) tasks in the material handling and logistics industry. Lightningfast PRT guarantees fast response times for rapid processes. detection and classification protection Vehicle detection Empty...

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Explosion Protection ■ Intrinsically Safe Barriers ■ Signal Conditioners ■ Fieldbus Infrastructure ■ Remote I/O Systems ■ HART Interface Solutions ■ Wireless Solutions ■ Level Measurement ■ Purge and Pressurization Systems ■ Industrial Monitors and HMI Solutions ■ Electrical Explosion Protection Equipment ■ Solutions for Explosion Protection Industrial Sensors ■ Proximity Sensors ■ Photoelectric Sensors ■ Industrial Vision ■ Ultrasonic Sensors ■ Rotary Encoders ■ Positioning Systems ■ Inclination and Acceleration Sensors ■ AS-Interface ■ Identification Systems ■ Logic Control Units

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