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Expanding possibilities. Switching identically. Adding value. Product Overview Reduction Factor 1 Sensors Your automation, our passion.

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Proximity Sensors The Best Sensing Solutions Directly from the Inventor As the inventor of the proximity sensor, Pepperl+Fuchs has continuously developed and perfected this noncontact, wear-free technology. Leveraging decades of experience, we have built a comprehensive portfolio of inductive, capacitive, and magnetic sensors that offers the perfect sensing solution for every application. Commitment to Quality beyond the Standard Pepperl+Fuchs’ proximity sensors are known for their reliability, innovative features, and high quality. As pioneers in sensing technology, we see it as our...

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Reduction Factor 1 Sensors Identical Switching for All Metals More flexible machine design and reduced production, plant, and management costs due to long and constant switching distances for all metals: reduction factor 1 sensors are perfect for applications that involve a variety of target metal types. Inductive Sensors—Wear-Free Detection of Metal Objects Adaptability—Even in Applications with Multiple Target Types Noncontact inductive sensors can detect metal objects through their electromagnetic field. Designed without moving components, sensors are not subject to mechanical wear, and...

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Standard, Weld-Immune, and Chemical-Resistant— Reliable in All Areas Pepperl+Fuchs’ broad portfolio of reduction factor 1 sensors enables maximum flexibility in automation machinery design. This is made possible by industry-friendly cylindrical and cube-style designs, cabled versions, as well as IO-Link, weld-resistant, and chemical-resistant versions for especially harsh applications. Pepperl+Fuchs’ technological expertise and years of experience as a pioneer in inductive sensor technology are beneficial to users interested in custom solutions. Highlights ■ Complete IO-Link solution from a...

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lO-Link stands for sustainable technology, cost reduction, and comprehensive device diagnostics down to the sensor level. Pepperl+Fuchs’ IO-Link portfolio offers a complete portfolio from a single source and provides flexible solutions to a wide range of applications. In addition to the technological benefits of reduction factor 1 sensors, the lO-Link models offer a range of functions for completely new applications in the field of inductive sensors: ■ Identification and diagnostics—Access to device-specific information directly from the sensor ■ Automatic configuration—Standard or double...

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Sensorik Sensorik4.0®—Paving the Way for the Smart Factory Equipped with lO-Link, reduction factor 1 sensors pave the way for the fourth industrial revolution. In the Industry 4.0 future of fully networked production systems, communication-ready sensors play a vital role: they send and receive sensor data within production processes and to higher-level local or cloud-based information systems. To pave the way for Industry 4.0, Pepperl+Fuchs is providing innovative sensor technologies with Sensorik4.0®. They use the standard IO-Link interface to support the digitization of industrial...

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Reduction Factor 1 Sensors with IO-Link IO-Link Functions for New Application Possibilities Identical switching distances for all metals, weld-immune versions in different styles, and IO-Link in every model. Reduction factor 1 sensors simplify installation and optimize automotive process line production. Standard Identification with IO-Link The IO-Link automation interface makes it possible to communicate continuously and share data digitally from the control level to sensors and actuators in the field. Every IO-Link sensor can be easily identified by manufacturer, product number, serial...

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A Variety of Diagnostic Functions for Smooth Processes Simplified Setup and Data Storage for Quick Sensor Replacement Switch point mode with stability alarm monitors the assured operating distance between sensors and targets, monitoring target detection in robotic gripping processes. If there is a problem—including even minimal misalignment of the sensor— it is recognized by the device, registered via IO-Link, and indicated by a blinking LED on the sensor. This makes it possible to conduct maintenance during planned downtime without compromising system availability. Sensor communication is...

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More Adaptability and Cost-Effectiveness Reduction factor 1 sensors adapt to the characteristics of different metals and enable identical switching distances, no matter whether the object is steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, or copper. This reduces the variety of models in applications with multiple target metals, which results in cost efficiency for storage, purchasing, and administration. Highlights ■ Incredibly flexible with industry-grade cylindrical and cube-style housings ■ Rugged housing made of V2A stainless steel and an impact-resistant, plastic sensing face ■ Identical...

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Reliable Skid Control in Automotive Production In automotive plants, robots weld parts to chassis that are transported to production cells on platforms known as skids. Reduction factor 1 sensors ensure process-compliant skid position in weld cells. Its high switching distance balances potential guiding tolerances on the skid. As soon as the skid reaches the required position, the welding robots in the production cells are triggered to start the welding process for vehicle side and roof components. Inductive reduction factor 1 sensors make it possible to position skids correctly at every...

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Weld-immune sensors with IP68 protection are the ideal detection solution in welding and other harsh process environments. An air-coil system and advanced electronics make the sensors resistant to electromagnetic fields that they might encounter during the welding process or influence from variable frequency drive control systems. The housing design of the various styles ensures longevity and availability, and the brass casing of the cylindrical sensors are coated with PTFE, which protects against weld sparks and metal shavings, just as the cube-style version is made of metal or...

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