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Building on experience. Advancing technology. Discovering flexibility. Product Overview Inductive Positioning Systems Your automation, our passion. P PEPPERL+FUCHS

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As the inventor of the proximity sensor, Pepperl+Fuchs has continuously developed and perfected this noncontact, wear-free technology. With the highest quality standards and the most experience on the market, we offer a well-rounded portfolio of inductive positioning systems. Precise Positioning on Steel PMI inductive positioning technology combines the ruggedness of an inductive proximity sensor with the precision of a position measurement and angular positioning system. The patented technology ensures highly accurate measurements. The use of simple steel actuators is designed to maximize...

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Product Overview Inductive Positioning Systems - 4

Patented Technology for Precise Position Detection The PMI inductive positioning system is used to detect linear position and measure rotation angle. It is reliable even in dusty and dirty environments and under extreme temperature fluctuations. Maximum Precision and Efficiency Measuring and Switching with One Sensor A patented configuration and wiring of multiple coils within a single sensor and intelligent evaluation enable maximum precision and efficiency. This allows simple steel actuators to be used. Whether the actuator is the customer’s design, from Pepperl+Fuchs’s accessory...

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Product Overview Inductive Positioning Systems - 5

Sensorik4.0 ®—Paving the Way for the Smart Factory Equipped with IO-Link, PMI inductive positioning systems pave the way for the fourth industrial revolution. In the Industry 4.0 future of fully networked production systems, communicationready sensors play a vital role: they send and receive sensor data within production processes and to higher-level local or cloud-based information systems. To pave the way for Industry 4.0, Pepperl+Fuchs is providing innovative sensor technologies with Sensorik4.0 ®. They use the standard IO-Link interface to support the digitization of industrial...

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Product Overview Inductive Positioning Systems - 6

F90 Series lO-Link, simultaneous detection of two damping elements, as well as measuring and switching functions in one device—the F90 series offers an unprecedented range of features for your application. Available in three measurement lengths (40 mm, 80 mm, and 120 mm), the best solution is always available. Certified versions are also available for applications in ATEX Zone 2/22 (3G nA, 3D tc) hazardous locations. Highlights ■ New applications made possible by IO-Link ■ Distance measurement between two targets to solve complex applications with just one sensor ■ Measuring and switching...

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Product Overview Inductive Positioning Systems - 7

New Possibilities with IO-Link Simultaneous Detection of Two Targets Communication down to the sensor/actuator level, customerspecific parameterization, and access to valuable additional information: The IO-Link interface opens up completely new possibilities in position detection. In addition to process data, value-added data such as the signal quality or number of operating hours can be accessed directly from the sensor. With the ability to detect two damping elements at the same time, the F90 can handle applications that normally require two separate devices. The proximity of the damping...

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Product Overview Inductive Positioning Systems - 8

Reliable Processes, Countless Applications Controlling dancer systems in packaging machines, monitoring clamping cylinders, or providing valve position feedback in hazardous locations—the versatile F90 series can be used in a wide variety of applications. Efficient Dancer Control In winding and unwinding processes in the packaging industry, tearing or sagging of the paper or film must be prevented. The guide roller, known as the “dancer,” continuously adapts to the speed of the machine to ensure reliable material feed. The F90 series reliably detects the position of the dancer and allows it...

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Product Overview Inductive Positioning Systems - 9

Safe Use in Hazardous Areas Quick and easy to mount on pneumatic diaphragm valves or linear control valves, the F90 series delivers continuous position feedback and provides an ideal solution for precise valve position detection. Certified versions allow the system to be used in ATEX Zone 2/22 (3G nA, 3D tc) hazardous locations. IP67 protection and a temperature rating of -25 °C to +85 °C ensure reliable positioning in outdoor environments.

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Product Overview Inductive Positioning Systems - 10

F112 Series With a measurement length of 14 mm, the F112 series provides high-precision position data or switch points/windows. Fully encapsulated in a rugged metal housing with IP67 protection, the sensor withstands tough conditions and, with IO-Link, offers new possibilities in space-restricted applications. Highlights ■ New possibilities with IO-Link—even in space-restricted applications ■ Compact, rugged metal housing for use in extreme conditions ■ Flexible application by adjusting the detection range and parameterizing switch points and windows Base version without IO-Link

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Product Overview Inductive Positioning Systems - 11

Individual Parameterization with IO-Link Despite its compact design, an IO-Link interface is integrated into the F112 series. Individual parameterization options allow you to set the detection range and switch points/windows. This way, you can adapt the sensor to the circumstances at hand and optimize your application. In addition to transmitting process data, the IO-Link interface also allows direct access to value-added data, such as error messages.

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Product Overview Inductive Positioning Systems - 12

F166 Series Its compact design and rugged metal housing make the F166 series perfect for basic applications in tight spaces. Tool spindles are a typical application where these benefits are put to use. The compact design makes it easy to integrate the sensor into the spindle, and the rugged metal housing resists lubricants and abrasion to ensure smooth operation. Highlights ■ Low-profile design for installation in tight spaces ■ Rugged metal housing withstands extreme conditions

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Product Overview Inductive Positioning Systems - 13

F110 Series The F110 series offers reliable position detection over long measurement lengths. Available in several lengths between 210 mm and 960 mm, the F110 series provides an optimal solution for applications in heavy machinery construction. Its sensing range of up to 6 mm can handle large mechanical tolerances without affecting the precision of the measurement. Installation is also simple: the mounting position can be set and adjusted via T-slot nuts. Highlights ■ Reliable inductive position detection at measurement lengths of up to 960 mm ■ Exact positioning even with larger...

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