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Position Guided Vision (PGV): Positioning System for Automated Guided Vehicles Your automation, our passion.

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Competitive pressure, error-free processes, and outstanding quality—the demands on modern factory automation are growing steadily. In response to market demands, Pepperl+Fuchs is developing creative solutions that are setting new standards for modern technology. Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Control Advances with Data Matrix Technology Data Matrix codes, which pack a tremendous amount of digital information in a postage stamp-sized footprint, can be found in seemingly endless commercial and consumer areas. But their full potential in industrial automation applications is only now being...

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The versatile PGV camera simultaneously scans and processes data from three different floor-mounted initiators: the solid “travel path” navigation stripe, the high-resolution absolute positional tape, and the decision-initiating control code (identification) segments. More Than Just Vehicle Navigation Incredibly powerful and with no moving parts to loosen or wear, the PGV system not only navigates, positions, and controls, it also provides valuable, real-time feedback of the carrier speed, vehicle turn angles, turn direction, and overall system “health.” Highlights ■ Reliably detects...

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Accurate and Reliable Alignment Feedback The PGV camera’s wide scan window allows the carrier to seamlessly traverse route branches, intersections, and bends. The ability to negotiate tight curves and to achieve travel speeds up to 6 m/s maximizes the AGV’s throughput and overall process efficiency. Every aspect of the carrier movement is transferred to the system controller in real time. Linear movement feedback is provided with +/- 0.2 mm resolution in both the vertical and horizontal planes. Scanning of the Data Matrix identification/control code initiates the AGV turn. Exact Positioning...

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Position Guided Vision Designed for Factory Floor Realities In addition to performing flawlessly even when the tracking tapes are adhered to the most glossy/reflective surfaces, the PGV’s high shutter speed and proprietary vision algorithm ensure error-free, reliable performance. Route-Tracking Flexibility Simple Installation and Modification The wide evaluation window and high-resolution camera are capable of scanning a broad range of solid route-tracking strips. Widths from 10 mm to 40 mm, in any color, are scanned with equal reliability. There is no need for a contrasting background...

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Plug-and-Play Control Compatibility The system component installation isn’t the only feature that makes the PGV ideal. Control communication is plug-and-play and compatible with a wide variety of common industrial protocols. No Separate Communication Interfaces Required All necessary control communication as well as switching inputs and outputs are integrated in the scanner housing, ensuring the fastest possible data processing. Customized system parameterization can be accomplished via PC interface or with integral pushbuttons. Compact Design Fits in Tight Spaces The compact PGV...

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