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Level Measurement Technology - 2

Automation Is Our World. A Perfect Application Solution Is  A willingness to take entrepreneurial risks, a pioneering spirit, and a firm belief in their own inventive powers – these were the assets that Walter Pepperl and Ludwig Fuchs started out with when they opened their Mannheim radio repair shop in 1945. Their invention of the proximity switch a few years later proved their strength. It was also the starting point in a successful history defined by close customer relationships as well as innovative automation technologies and procedures. Then as now, our focus is directed squarely on...

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Level Measurement Technology - 3

Limit Level Measurement in Solids 14 Limit Level Measurement in Liquids 16 Limit Level Measurement or Continuous 20 Continuous Measurement in Liquids 22 Continuous Measurement in Liquids or Solids 24

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Level Measurement Technology - 4

Accurate, Robust, Reliable. And Whether you work in the oil and gas industry, for pharmaceutical and chemical companies, or in water and wastewater engineering: level measurement technology must meet crucial requirements to ensure the error-free operation of modern process plants. These requirements include reliably monitoring limit levels and supplying accurate data on fill levels and consumption. The level measurement products from Pepperl+Fuchs offer these features – and much more. The wide range of measurement techniques and materials means our products can be used in virtually any...

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Level Measurement Technology - 5

Endlessly Versatile. When it comes to measurement principle, configuration, material, and coating, Pepperl+Fuchs’ level measurement devices are available in a wide variety of designs. This variety allows tailormade solutions that can be used universally, regardless of media, even under the toughest measurement conditions – anywhere in the world. The devices are equipped with standard process connections and meet the technical requirements of major national and international standards. Most are suitable for use in hazardous areas and have ATEX, FM, CSA, IECEx, SIL, or WHG approvals....

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Level Measurement Technology - 6

Measuring Methods Limit Level or Continuous. Two Measuring Methods, a Host Whether you need continuous measurement data on the fill level or you want to monitor a medium with limit level measurement, it is clearly a question of method. Pepperl+Fuchs supports you by offering measurement technology that is tailored specifically to your needs. Reliable Monitoring: Limit Level Measurement Limit level measurement is used to ensure that monitored media neither exceed nor fall below a specified level. This form of measurement can prevent overfill in containers or pumps from running dry. The...

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Level Measurement Technology - 7

Vibration level measurement is a proven method for recording the limit level in liquids and bulk goods. A tuning-fork sensor oscillates by means of a piezoelectric charge. When the sensor comes into contact with the product as it rises, the frequency of the oscillations changes. The evaluation electronics then convert this change into a switching signal. Capacitive limit switches provide a simple method for limit level detection in light bulk goods. A rod or cable probe forms a capacitor together with the tank wall. As the quantity of product changes, so too does the capacity of the...

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Level Measurement Technology - 8

Measuring Principles Choosing the Right Technology for Pressure, vibration, ultrasound, float – the range of measuring methods is extensive. Choosing the right technology depends entirely on your specific requirements: Are you monitoring bulk goods or liquids? Do you have abrasive or corrosive media? The range of products available from Pepperl+Fuchs provides the perfect method for all measurement tasks. This method is suitable for recording limit levels in all conductive fluids. To record the limit level, electrodes are arranged at a specified fill limit. If the contents of a vessel reach...

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Level Measurement Technology - 9

Your Measurement Application. Guided Float Hydrostatic Pressure Measurement This method can be used for recording trip values as well as for providing continuous measurement. A magnetic float is guided by a sliding tube. If the built-in magnet rises or falls, it activates reed contacts integrated into the probe tube. Hydrostatic pressure measurement is a proven method of contin­ uously determining the fill level of a product. This approach takes advantage of the fact that pressure in a liquid rises con­ stantly as the fill level increases. A stainless steel membrane transfers the pressure...

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Level Measurement Technology - 10

Guided Microwave Ultrasound is a contactless method of providing continuous level measurement. With this method, a measurement is taken of the time that elapses between an ultrasonic pulse being emitted and the echo reflected by the product surface being received. The run time can then be used to calculate the exact distance between the emitter and the surface to determine the fill level. This method is based on the principle of measuring the run time of microwave pulses in liquids and bulk goods. This is accomplished by feeding a direct-current pulse through a probe rod or cable and...

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Level Measurement Technology - 11

Always Up to Date: Continuous Measurement With continuous measurement, the fill level of media is monitored at all times. The exact rate at which materials are consumed, information regarding balancing, and loss control – continuous level measurement provides a wealth of important information that makes accurate process control possible. Consumption determination Loss control Storage capacity Continuous Measurement Ultrasonic sensors Pulscon Ultrasonic sensors Pulscon Magnetic immersion

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Level Measurement Technology - 12

Our Products. For Your Applications. Pepperl+Fuchs offers a wide range of robust, high-performance products. The vast choice of measurement techniques and materials means our sensors can be used in virtually any application and industry. Worldwide.

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Level Measurement Technology - 14

Limit Level Measurement in Solids Extremely Resilient. Even with the Toughest Bulk Goo  Sugar or cement, coarse grains or powder – the requirements for measuring the limit level of solids are as diverse as they are demanding. And the range of level measurement technologies offered by Pepperl+Fuchs provides the optimum solution for each of these tasks. Vibracon S – Solid Reliability This stainless steel sensor is perfect for recording the limit level in powdery fine-grained or coarse-grained bulk goods. Even with low bulk weights, the fill level limit switch works with the highest level of...

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