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Inclination and Acceleration Sensors


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Conquering markets. Mastering the elements. Simplifying installation. Inclination and Acceleration Sensors

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Absolute Precision – in Any Environment Whether they are leveling cranes, controlling elevators, or monitoring front-loader tilt, inclination and acceleration sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs ensure precise measurements—even in harsh outdoor conditions. Unique, Protective Mounting Concept Based on a two-piece concept, F99 series sensors consist of the sensor module and a rugged metal mounting bracket. The bracket provides impact protection while also allowing easy assembly with an integrated screw. This increases the sensor’s resistance to vibration and shock and allows quick and easy replacement...

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The Right Sensor for Any Requirement Every application places different demands on sensors. With Pepperl+Fuchs’ broad portfolio of inclination and acceleration sensors, you can select from a wide variety of features to find the best fit for your application requirements. When leveling a mobile work platform, a single- or dual-axis F99 inclination sensor could be used. The sensor constantly monitors the platform’s incline and indicates when a readjustment is necessary. For monitoring a wind turbine installation, for instance, a dualaxis F99 acceleration sensor would be suitable. When a set...

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Maximum Precision for Dynamic Applications For the first time, the F99-Fusion makes error-free inclination detection possible in applications where there is dynamic movement. The innovative combination of an acceleration sensor and gyroscope compensates for external acceleration to increase performance and open up new possibilities. Compensation for External Acceleration Acceleration Sensor and Gyroscope in One Device Conventional inclination sensors are based on the principle of gravitational acceleration measurement and provide information about the angular alignment of the sensor. This...

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Variety of Measurement Outputs for Complete Flexibility With two integrated three-axis sensor elements, all data can always be measured in the X, Y, and Z directions, and a 360° angular value can be calculated. As a result, applications that previously required multiple devices can now be solved with only one F99-Fusion sensor. This saves time and money, both in selecting and in integrating the sensor. In addition to customer-configurable filters, the F99-Fusion also allows you to select the appropriate output to fit the requirements of your application. Installation is also much easier...

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Improving Existing Applications and Creating New Ones Inclination sensors are used in a range of industries. With F99-Fusion technology, existing applications can be handled more efficiently, and completely new applications can become a reality. Monitoring Steering-Angle Limit on Inclines Making Onboard Scales More Efficient The ability to compensate for external acceleration opens up a host of new applications. One example is monitoring steeringangle limits on inclines. When heavy vehicles like wheel l ­oaders or dump trucks take a turn too sharply on an incline, they can easily tip over....

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Highlights Weight calculation in port cranes is similar. In order to ensure an even weight distribution while large freighters are being loaded, the weight of each container is measured as it is being lifted. Delays are not an option in this environment, so conventional cranes often do not provide onboard weighing. Because the F99-Fusion compensates for external acceleration, weight calculations can be made immediately during the loading or unloading process. With this feature, weight can also be calculated while a freighter is underway, dramatically increasing the efficiency of the overall...

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