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G20 ZPA Motor Control Module


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G20 ZPA Motor Control Module - 1

Preventing collisions. Increasing throughput. Simplifying integration. G20 ZPA Motor Control Module Your automation, our passion. P PEPPERL+FUCHS

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G20 ZPA Motor Control Module - 2

G20 ZPA modules from Pepperl+Fuchs offer simplicity and flexibility. Integrated logic allows the modules to independently control 24 V DC motor rollers in conveyor systems without a higher-level control system. Application-specific settings can be made directly on the modules and operation is simple. Simple Integration and Commissioning All settings required for operation can be made using a rotary switch on the back of the module. Eight speeds, five start/stop ramps in combination with the conveying direction, and seven application-specific operating modes can be set quickly and easily....

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G20 ZPA Motor Control Module - 3

Controlling Material Flow, Optimizing Workflows Fast lead times, efficient and reliable workflows: demands in the material handling and logistics industry are high. To avoid collisions, intelligent G20 ZPA motor control modules constantly monitor material flow and ensure smooth processes in roller conveyor systems. A package may only move downstream if the zone that follows is empty. Zone sensors continuously monitor the flow of packages. Zero Pressure Accumulation: Reliable, Cost-Effective Buffer System Conveyed products must be monitored to prevent package collision and maintain...

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G20 ZPA Motor Control Module - 4

Application-Specific Settings Increase Flexibility Modular Preassembly Enhances Efficiency Conveyor logic requirements vary from application to application. This logic is determined by the respective operating mode of the G20 ZPA module. For instance, a predefined distance can be established for heavy or fragile materials. Via block release, the spacing between packages can be minimized and throughput increased. The G20 ZPA module’s innovative installation concept allows OEMs to preconfigure modular conveyor segments. Segments can then be assembled into a system on-site with minimal...

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G20 ZPA Motor Control Module - 5

Easy Access to Settings and Diagnostics Running diagnostics is easy with the ZPA analyzer accessory tool. Connect the analyzer to the last module in a series to see an overview of settings and diagnostic information. This provides access to information about module configuration, operating mode, and input status. Defective modules can also be easily identified. Connected Devices No. Product Hardware Firmware Mode Accel Speed Dir In ZPA Motor Controller Module ZPA Motor Controller Module ZPA Motor Controller Module Fuse ComDir Transport AS-Interface Modules Some applications require...

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