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Enviro-Line™ Nonhazardous pressurization The Enviro-Line series is an environmental pressurization system designed for nonhazardous areas that contain dusty, dirty, and corrosive atmospheres. It operates on a supply of compressed instrument air or inert gas to regulate and monitor the pressure within the sealed enclosure. This prevents the accumulation of damaging and caustic gases and dusts. The elimination of these gases and dusts extends the life of the enclosure’s expensive electrical equipment and instrumentation. Due to higher pressures inside the electrical enclosure, corrosive environments remain outside. The system maintains a constant 0.5" water pressure inside the enclosure. The Enviro-Line offers a complete environmental pressurization system including a regulator or vent, depending on your application. It is designed for enclosures up to 250 ft3. (MClOlUII MISSUII n • JjaacoEfs »-™ Bottom Mount An Enviro-Line pressurization system includes a stainless steel panel, adaptable mounting plate, enclosure pressure gauge, tubing, fittings and fastening hardware—a complete kit, down to the nuts and bolts! Enviro-Line Standard Model Applications P+F makes it simple. Mounting plates are adaptable for every configuration with the Enviro-Line kit. Simply attach the mounting plate to best fit your application, align the pressure gauge, and the Enviro-Line is ready to go! PEPPERL+FUCHS 103 PROTECTING YOUR PROCESS 1 WW Subject to modifications without notice Copyright Pepperl+Fuchs

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Using the Enviro-Line pressurization unit is uncomplicated and straightforward. The Enviro-Line pressurization unit is delivered as a complete kit and installs easily with all connection and mounting accessories included. Since the unit is designed for use in nonhazardous areas, power to the enclosure can be energized prior to engaging the air supply. The redundant regulator is used to keep incoming enclosure pressure at a maximum of 5 psi. The enclosure pressure control regulator is used to set a safe reading on the enclosure pressure gauge after the enclosure has been sealed. The...

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