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Bebco EPS Purge and Pressurization


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Bebco EPS Purge and Pressurization - 1

Bebco EPS® Purge+Pressurization Product Overview Your automation, our passion.

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Bebco EPS Purge and Pressurization - 2

Automation is our world. A perfect application solution is our goal. A willingness to take entrepreneurial risks, a pioneering spirit, and a firm belief in their own inventive powers – these were the assets that Walter Pepperl and Ludwig Fuchs started out with when they opened their Mannheim radio repair shop in 1945. Their invention of the proximity switch a few years later proved their strength. It was also the starting point in a successful history defined by close customer relationships as well as innovative automation technologies and procedures. Then as now, our focus is directed...

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Advanced Purge Controls 8

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Bebco EPS Purge and Pressurization - 5

Bebco EPS Purge+Pressurization: Confidence in Purging Technology from the Most Recognized Brand in the Industry Known around the world for excellence, Pepperl+Fuchs Bebco EPS is the benchmark in purge and pressurization equipment. Our reputation as the global leader in purging technology and hazardous-area protection is unrivalled. With experience that spans decades, nobody knows more about purge and pressurization than we do. And we have the products to prove it! Unmatched products and reputation Dedicated service and support As leaders in purge technology, Pepperl+Fuchs pushes the bar on...

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Bebco EPS Purge and Pressurization - 6

Purge+Pressurization: Simple and Reliable Protection for Today’s Global Automation Market Several protection methods can be used when placing equipment into hazardous locations, but none match the versatility, reliability, and efficiency of purge and pressurization. With its straightforward method of protection, purge and pressurization delivers a truly simple and cost-effective solution for placing generalpurpose equipment in hazardous locations. Purge and pressurization protection Unlike containment or prevention protection, purge and pressurization separates general-purpose electrical...

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Bebco EPS Purge and Pressurization - 7

System Components – Performance in Every Detail Control unit The control unit is the main component in a purge and pressurization system. Available in either an internal or external mounted component, the control unit provides the essential functions to operate the purge and pressurization of the enclosure. The Bebco EPS portfolio includes both fully automatic and legacy manual systems. Our automatic solutions provide an innovative design for automatic monitoring and control of purging, temperature, leakage, alarming, and system power. For an economic solution, our manual systems provide...

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Bebco EPS Purge and Pressurization - 8

Advanced Purge Controls Purge+Pressurization: Proven Protection Meets Modern Technology Pepperl+Fuchs purge and pressurization technology brings more than simplicity to your operating floor; it takes hazardous area protection to a new level of confidence and protection. The technology in our systems not only provides purge and pressurization, it also continuously monitors the conditions in the enclosure, makes automatic adjustments, and provides output alarms for reliable protection. No other protection method can do this. Unrivalled versatility Intelligent programming for process reliability...

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Bebco EPS Purge and Pressurization - 9

Advanced Purge Controls ngevity nt lo me me conditions uip extre Eq e in Us Advanced Purge Controls Continuous status information Analog pressure gauges are a thing of the past with these units. All information on flow, pressure, and status of the system is displayed on the LCD screen. With continuous system status indication, it’s easy to monitor the system, identify any issues, and quickly make adjustments. Increases equipment longevity One of the greatest benefi ts of purge and pressurization is the continuous flow of protective gas, which can be specifically used to eliminate problems with...

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Bebco EPS Purge and Pressurization - 11

6000 Series – Type X/Ex px: Cutting-Edge Technology for Dependable Protection The 6000 series is the most advanced Type X/Ex px purge system on the market. Designed as the complete solution for Zone/Division 1 hazardous operations, this stainless steel unit contains the controller, pneumatics, electrical I/O, and programming interface in one sleek, fully automatic package. With a straightforward user interface that allows easy setup and operation, the 6000 series provides reliable protection for the most demanding applications. Product details Global certification conforms to ATEX, NFPA 496,...

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Bebco EPS Purge and Pressurization - 13

5500 Series – Type z/Ex pz: Maximum Protection in a Compact Size The 5500 series was engineered to provide a global, all-in-one solution for Type z/Ex pz purge applications. With many of the same features as our 6000 series, the 5500 provides a complete solution for Zone/Division 2 hazardous operations in a small, compact design. Combine this with the fully automatic temperature and pressure control of the 5500 and it befits the most versatile purge systems on the market. Product details Global certification conforms to ATEX, NFPA 496, and ISA 12.4 standards Single unit certified for gas and...

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Bebco EPS Purge and Pressurization - 15

5000Q Series – Type Ex pz: Reliable Operation for Specialized Markets The 5000Q series provides a reliable and simple solution for Type Ex pz applications. Designed specifically for use in ATEX and IECEx Zone 2/22 locations, this compact system allows full control of protection in hazardous locations. The robust polyester housing and menu driven-interface provides a dependable solution that is easy to implement in a variety of applications. Product details Global certification conforms to ATEX and IECEx approvals Strong, durable polyester housing withstands extreme conditions Completely...

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Bebco EPS Purge and Pressurization - 17

3000 Series – Type Y/Z/Ex pz: Proven Protection for Global Applications The 3000 series purge and pressurization system provides field-proven protection for Types Y, Z, and Ex pZ applications. As the core legacy product of the Bebco EPS portfolio, the 3000 system provides a straightforward manual solution to Zones/ Division 1 and 2 hazardous locations. Available in a wide range of mounting options, the 3000 series allows easy specification, installation, and use in hazardous location applications across the globe. Product details Global certification conforms to ATEX, NFPA 496, and ISA 12.4...

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