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Bebco EPS® 5500 Automation for Purge and Pressurization Your automation, our passion.

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Table of Contents Bebco EPS by Pepperl+Fuchs Automation opens up new applications Purge goes automated The ideal system for OEMs and panel shops Robust and reliable in every environment Staying in touch, all over the world

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The Bebco EPS brand stands for excellence in design, technology, distribution, competitive pricing, and delivery. Our reputation in the industry as the global leader in hazardous-area protection is unmatched. We meet customer needs by providing a wide range of products geared to your individual applications and operational preferences. Bebco systems provide a host of unbeatable benefits. User-selectable programs and menu-driven configurations eliminate manual controls. Automatic temperature and leakage control keep shutdowns to a minimum. And clear status communication makes it simple...

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Automation opens up new applications. The new, compact 5500 series is easy to use, offering absolute reliability and efficiency. It's fully automated and provides excellent enclosure protection for electrical equipment like motors, drives, control panels and cabinets, gas analyzers, and camera monitoring systems. Whether you need gas or dust protection in the oil and gas, chemical, maritime, or offshore industry—the Bebco EPS 5500 can be used in process industries around the world for applications that previously required more expensive and heavy explosion-proof protection.

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Common purge and pressurization applications Pressurized enclosures operate within hazardous areas with general-purpose equipment and offer a simple solution when component energy requirements exceed intrinsic safety limitations. It's straightforward and flexible equipment protection that easily fits your design requirements. Typical applications ■ Gas analyzers ■ Operating panels ■ Purge HMI ■ Motors Robots Water ballasts ■ Hazardous location PC workstations ■ Printer housings ■ Connection boxes & relay panels ■ Analysis cabinets ■ Instrument operating panels ■ Control room consoles ■...

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Purge goes automated. Purge and pressurization has never been so simple. Unparalleled convenience: The ability to configure your own automation options makes the 5500 series extremely easy to use. A wide selection of automatic programs provides excellent support for any application—simply select, connect, and you're all set. The user interface can be rotated for top or bottom mounting of the control unit.

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Performance at the Push of a Button Universal Vent Design Automation is synonymous with convenience: minimal intervention, maximum operation. A universal design includes all the functions you need for day-to-day operations—just select the options you require. The user-selectable programs provided by the system make it easier to operate equipment in hazardous locations. Specialized knowledge is not required—all that you need to do is connect the air and power supplies and start the device. The clever design of the 5500 vent removes the guesswork from specification. The 100 % mechanical...

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Automation means flexibility. The ideal system for OEMs and panel shops. The automation and universal design of the 5500 series open up new opportunities for OEMs and panel shops. The result: the creation of a purge and pressurization system delivering such unparalleled flexibility and ease of use that it can be quickly deployed anywhere, without specialized knowledge, for a wide range of applications worldwide. The user interface easily integrates flush in an enclosure or machine housing.

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Menu-Driven Programming—Replacing Manual Settings All Inclusive: One Design Covers Many Requirements From automatic startup of the device to selecting programs: with the 5500 series, each stage can be carried out via the user interface. No operator intervention is required. No manual controls, no complicated operating instructions, no unwanted downtime, no specialized personnel. Just configure and start the device with the appropriate application program, activate the air supply, and you're all set—the simplest purge and pressurization system of all time. By design, the new 5500 series was...

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Adding rugged versatility to automation. Robust and reliable in every environment. Fully automatic, globally certified, and approved for gas and dust — the 5500 series is virtually unparalleled when it comes to flexibility. What's more, its robust stainless steel design stands up to even the most challenging industrial environments. Unrivaled in its versatility, it is the only solution worldwide that combines all of these characteristics in one compact system.

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Ready for Anything: Stainless Steel Design Dependable technology begins with careful material selection. Produced entirely from stainless steel, the robust and longlasting housing can be used in harsh environments where dusts and gases or temperature extremes prevail. The entire 5500 series is certified globally to ATEX, IECEx, and NFPA 496 standards. Pepperl+Fuchs technical support is available worldwide: Whenever you need support, our experts are never far away. It's Flexible and Can Be Installed Anywhere: Requirements-Based Assembly Technical Expertise and Certified Solutions The more...

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Global Reach Staying in touch. The world over. Good customer relationships need care and attention. They are an indication of genuine interest, trust, and a cooperative spirit: the foundation of Pepperl+Fuchs’ strengths. No matter where you might be, we are always nearby. And we speak your language – in more than 140 countries the world over. At home on all continents Our customers are at the center of all our activities. Our worldwide network ensures that we provide them with the best possible service and support. Our world headquarters in Mannheim services Europe through a network of more...

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Process Interfaces > Intrinsically Safe Barriers ■ Signal Conditioners ■ Field bus Infrastructure > Remote I/O Systems > HART Interface Solutions ■ Wireless Solutions ■ Level Measurement ■ Purge and Pressurization Systems ■ Industrial Monitors and HMI Solutions > Explosion Protection Equipment ■ Solutions with Process Interfaces Industrial Sensors ■ Proximity Sensors ■ Photoelectric Sensors ■ Industrial Vision ■ Ultrasonic Sensors ■ Rotary Encoders ■ Positioning Systems ■ Inclination and Acceleration Sensors ■ AS-Interface ■ Identification Systems ■ Logic Control Units

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