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AS-Interface Overview - 1

Networking sensors. Distributing safety. Reducing automation cost. Product Overview AS-Interface Your automation, our passion. P PEPPERL+FUCHS

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AS-Interface Overview - 2

How to use the Short Links Just insert #keyword in the search field on our website and push ‘enter’. You will directly get a selection of appropriate products.

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AS-Interface Overview - 3

Easy decentralized installation replaces the clutter, disorder and the frustration that comes with traditional cabling methods. The network connects your lowest level I/O devices such as discrete I/O, sensors, analog and safety data, encoders, light curtains, and e-stops to a single network cable. It’s all about simplifying the design of a control system, reducing wiring complexity, cutting installation costs, improving diagnostics, and ultimately making automation more productive. Successful low-level I/O network ■ Cost effective low-level networking solution ■ Millions of AS-Interface...

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AS-Interface Overview - 4

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AS-Interface Overview - 6

Material Handling Industry Automotive Industry AS-Interface products are a dependable option for the Material Handling Industry where applications demand fast and reliable networks. AS-Interface products are often the technology of choice in the Automotive Industry where equipment must support lean, flexible manufacturing and provide speed, simplicity, and reliability in I/O networking.

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AS-Interface Overview - 7

Process Industry AS-Interface products are frequently used in Process Industries (chemical plants, paint production, pharmaceuticals) where modules for hazardous areas are required.

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AS-Interface Overview - 8

Input/Output Modules for Field Mounted Applications Pepperl+Fuchs offers modules with rugged housings and high IP ratings for a wide range of field applications where cost savings, installation time, and module size are crucial. Each module uses high-quality, machined, gold-plated piercing contacts that provide superior long-term contact stability without damaging the internal strands of the AS-Interface cable.

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AS-Interface Overview - 9

G10 modules not only mount easily in tight locations but also perfectly address applications where inputs and outputs are highly distributed. G10 modules have a one-piece housing which mounts in seconds. Insert the flat cable, close the top, and tighten the screw. Connect and done! G11 modules offer an innovative seal concept in a robust, compact, round design and are particularly suitable for machine builders and harsh and process environments. G16 modules are specifically designed for installation and use where space is limited. G12 modules have a one-piece, flat housing that are...

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AS-Interface Overview - 10

Input/Output Modules for Field Mounted Applications

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AS-Interface Overview - 11

G4 modules are unique, with cabling routing from bottom of module, ensuring cleaner installations. G20 modules are effective for controlling DC motor rollers in modern, energy-efficient conveyor applications. G4 module – cord grip G20 module – intelligent DC motor control cage tension spring terminals enable you to cut the cable to the exact length Module fits directly on top of programmer without cable Mounting through holes or DIN rail motor roller module version available to all motor functions Digital pneumatic version available for simple on/off functions Modules are easily split into...

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AS-Interface Overview - 12

Input/Output Modules for Enclosure Mounted Applications Pepperl+Fuchs offers modules that fit in small control cabinets. They feature a narrow profile that uses a minimal amount of space. For easy installation, all enclosure modules have removable, mechanical, and color-coded terminals that support wire sizes up to 14 AWG for connection of the I/O. They have an IP20 protection rating and diagnostic LEDs to minimize troubleshooting and maximize runtime.

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AS-Interface Overview - 13

KE5 modules are simple to handle and designed with compact housing achieving up to 50% space savings. Input/output channels are LED back illuminated including channel specific overload indications. Front push-in connector simplifies installation. #KE5 KE5 enclosure mount modules with push-in technology Front side push-in connection for easy mounting Backlit I/O identification and status-indication LEDs Transparent cover – making all labels visible at all times Individually removable connectors enabling simple removal of single terminals safe – modules can be used for safety applications...

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AS-Interface Overview - 16

Gateways and Power Supplies Pepperl+Fuchs offers gateways for all standard buses such as: Ethernet/IP, Profinet, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet and CC-Link. Gateways control the AS-Interface system and make the process data available to all higher-level networks of the PLC in a defined configuration.

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AS-Interface Overview - 17

Safety at Work gateways are available with gateway and safety monitor in one housing. These gateways provide connectivity to single or dual ASinterface networks. Standard gateway characteristics include EFD (Earth Fault Detection), double address detection, and a simple diagnostics interface. Safety At Work Gateways Standard Gateways to 31 safety modules per gateway Safe outputs onboard relay and electronic PLe, SIL3, CAT4 rated Best way to get safety diagnostics to PLC VAZ-SW-SUITE software required for configuration, diagnostics, and programming Network 62 nodes Network 124 nodes LCD text...

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AS-Interface Overview - 20

Pepperl-Fuchs offers AS-Interface with Integrated Safety. With Safety at Work, users can quickly implement a safety system that satisfies the rules and regulations needed to meet the most stringent safety requirements of PLe, SIL3, and EN ISO 13849 standard. Safety at Work can be added to any network, new or old. This is a level of backward compatibility and security that no other solution can offer and the reason why AS-Interface is “investment safe.” Benefits of AS-Interface Safety at Work ■ Enables networking of safety devices (safety door switches, emergency stop pushbuttons, safety...

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AS-Interface Overview - 21

Ethernet Switch Safe Link (Switch required) Power Supply Power Supply

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AS-Interface Overview - 22

Safety Monitors Pepperl-Fuchs offers Safety Monitors for AS-Interface Safety at Work which can be used as stand-alone devices or can be combined in a safety monitor/gateway combination. Stand alone safety monitors are a great way to achieve a low-cost, safe output on AS-Interface, because AS-Interface safety can be added to any network regardless of age or master type.

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