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REPEAT USE PACKAGING FOR SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT International Sales Offices Barcelona, Spain Traditional packaging methods may result in damaged equipment, and major expenses Dusseldorf, Germany When an aircraft is in need of repair and crucial replacement parts arrive damaged, the result is lost revenue. If an aircraft is grounded, crucial repair parts must be in-stock and up to spec. The same applies to military operations — if the daily sortie count drops, the mission is at risk. Copenhagen, Denmark From keeping production on schedule to managing rotable spares inventory, reusable packaging from Peli is all about control. The Product All Peli™ Cases are dustproof and crushproof, and can be specified as breathable or watertight. Sizes can accommodate equipment from small elecronics to large fuel pods. There are four distinct lines of cases available: Peli™, Peli-Storm, Peli-Hardigg™ Single Lid, and ISP2. A Our Peli™ and Peli Storm cases include over 70 sizes and are guaranteed for life. Protection against liquids and dust is provided Bourg en Bresse, France Peli™ Case Peli-Hardigg™ Single Lid Case Poznań, Poland contains over 325 sizes and can include optional features such as built in skid runners and bash plates for forklift transport. They are moulded from lightweight, high-impact polyethylene, and are gasketed to prevent water ingress. Single Lid cases are customizable with a wide range of options. Johannesburg, South Africa Tel Aviv, Israel Sao Paolo, Brazil Jebel Ali, UAE Contact Peli for your free ROI analysis. Tokyo, Japan Torrance, California Sydney, Australia Shanghai, China Miami, Florida (Latin America) Seoul, S. Korea Manufacturing Facilities Torrance, California S. Deerfield, Massachusetts ideal solution for volume shipping. The unique inter stacking pattern (ISP2) on the lid and the moulded-in cubes on the base eliminate load movement while maximizing cargo footprint. Studies have shown that a durable, permanent packaging solution in shipment and storage is a cost-effective alternative to disposable packaging. Single use, expendable packaging such as cardboard or wood crates, require time and labour for assembly and disposal, and increase in-transit risk. With a Peli™ case, the cost is amortized over its life. On some models, it’s recovered in as few as two trips. Edmonton, Canada C The new Peli-Hardigg™ ISP2 Case line is the A Case For Repeat Use Packaging Advanced Case Centers (Europe) Crottendorf, Germany Paris, France Melbourne, Australia PELI-HARDIGG™ ADVANCED CASE CENTERS Peli-Hardigg™ Single Lid Case with custom engine mounts: the smart way to store and transport auxiliary power units (APU) for the aviation industry. Istanbul, Turkey by an O-ring seal. And the automatic Pressure Equalization Valve prevents vacuum lock caused by changes in air pressure. B The Peli-Hardigg™ Single Lid case line MISSION CRITICAL ADVANCED CASE SOLUTIONS FOR AEROSPACE AND DEFENCE HARDIGG UK LTD. Unit 4, Brookfi eld Industrial Estate Leacon Road Ashford Kent TN23 4TU, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1233 895 895 Fax: +44 (0) 1233 895 899 Email: PELI PRODUCTS FRANCE S.A.S. 20/22 Rue des Petits Hôtels. BAT B 75010 Paris, France Tel: +33 (0)1 44 83 95 63 Fax: +33 (0) 1 44 83 95 68 Email: U.S.A. & GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS 23215 Early Avenue Torrance, CA 90505 USA Tel 310.326.4700 800.473.5422 (Outside CA) Fax 310.326.3311 PELI-HARDIGG CASES USA HEADQUARTERS 147 North Main Street South Deerfield, MA 01373 Tel (800) 542-7344 Fax (413) 665-8330 FRANCE PELI PRODUCTS FRANCE S.A.S. 487 rue Léopold Le Hon 01000 • Bourg en Bresse, France Tel +33 4 74 22 80 40 Fax +33 4 74 22 09 34 Peli’s integrated process flow anticipates your unique protective packaging requirement ADVANCED AREA LIGHTING GROUP PELI AALG LTD. 4 Chater Court Halifax Drive • Market Deeping Peterborough PE6 8AH, United Kingdom Tel +44 (0) 1778 349000 Fax +44 (0) 1778 349004 Aerospace program REPEAT COST EVERY CYCLE EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA HEADQUARTERS Peli Products, S.L.U. c/ Provença, 388, Planta 7 08025 · Barcelona, Spain Tel: +34 934 674 999 Fax: +34 934 877 393 UAE PELICAN PRODUCTS MIDDLE EAST JAFZA 13 office 032, P.O.Box 261008 Jebel Ali - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Tel +971 (0)4 8876550 Fax +971 (0)4 8876549 field application Peli guarantees its Roto Moulded cases for 1 year against defects in materials and workmanship and 90 days on hardware from the proof of purchase. All warranty claims of any nature are barred if the container has been altered, damaged or in any way physically changed, or subjected to abuse, misuse, negligence or accident. Refer to for full details. WE DON’T MAKE HISTORY. ©2012 Peli Products, S.L.U. All trademarks are registered and/or unregistered trademarks of Pelican Products, Inc., a U.S. corporation, its subsidiaries and/or affiliates. All details included in this brochure are correct when printed but for most updated information please visit Part. No. 0030-AER-001E MAY’12 Cover Image F-35 JSF: Use of the military image does not imply or constitute U.S. Department of Defense endorsement. WE HELP KEEP IT ON COURSE. PROCESS INTEGRATION project management packaging solution

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ANATOMY OF AN ADVANCED CASE SOLUTION ELIMINATE LOGISTICAL RISKS WITH ADVANCED CASE SOLUTIONS Over 50 years of extreme applications have forged our technical expertise CASE MANUFACTURING » Product Specifications » Customer Performance Needs » Product Interface and Access Points » Stability, Impact and Drop Requirements » Environmental and Field Conditions » Vent and Pressure Requirements Metal and Foam Protection » Mobility and Freight Compliance Metal decks or cradles are used to secure heavy equipment, and elastomeric shock mounts isolate the metal fixture from the case shell. Shock...

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