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Vibration measurement devices Vibration Meter PCE-S 41 Electronic Stethoscope Elec. Stethoscope with Crocodile Clip Vibration Meter (RMS=vVib) • ideal for inspection and maintenance • tool for on-site technicians • for localisation of faults in bearings, machines and equipment • for capturing machine noises • measures vibration velocity • headphones to encounter background noise • long sensor (29 cm) and inductive crocodile clip with 65 cm cable • battery level indication • continuous (stepless) volume control • magnetic sensors • headphones with 1.5 m cable • wide frequency range • holds values after every measurement • Automatic Power Off after 2 minutes Vibration measurement devices for maintenance, manufacturing, production and laboratories. Vibration meters are used to measure the vibration of machines and equipment as well as in product development (e. g. of components or tools). The measurements provide the following significant parameters: vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement. This means that the vibrations are determined with great accuracy. A vibration meter is an indispensable tool in professional environments. The majority of the vibration meters are portable, and in the case of some, the measurement results can be saved. All our vibration meters can optionally come with an ISO 9000 certificate. Like vibration meters, stroboscopes can also be used for optical vibration analysis. With these vibration measuring devices, the current condition of a machine can be determined on-site easily and quickly, changes can be made and the new condition can then be evaluated (relative measurement: “before“ and “after“). Our technicians and engineers are happy to assist you in all your questions and queries regarding our lines of vibration measuring devices and in all our product lines. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Meas. range 100 Hz ... 10 kHz Volume adjustable Speaker 8W Sensor material steel Case ABS plastic Power supply 1 x 9 V battery (included) for approx. 30 h of use Operating cond. -10 ... +55 °C Dimensions device 206 x 50 x 32 mm sensor: 1 x 290 mm ; 1 x 70 mm (length) Weight 240 g incl. battery Frequency range 30 Hz ... 15 kHz Operating conditions -10 ... +45 ° C Volume adjustable on 80 levels LED display power on / volume / battery low Power max. 250 mV recorder Headphones 48 ohm (with ear protection) Power supply 2 x AAA / LR03 Battery life 10 h (continuous use) Dimensions 125 × 81 × 30 mm Long sensor 29 cm Inductive sensors 65 cm Magnetic sensors 65 cm Measurement range - Velocity 0.1 ... 199.9 mm/s Resolution 0.1 mm/s Accuracy ±5 % Frequency range - Velocity 10 Hz ... 1 kHz Display LCD 3.5 digits, last value displayed Battery 2 x 1.5 V batteries with 5 h battery life if continuously used Operating cond. 0 ... +40 °C, <85 % RH Dimensions 150 x 22 x 15 mm Weight 100 g Stethoscope, headphones, 1 m cable, sensors: 70 and 290 mm, battery, bag, instruction manual Stethoscope, headphones, long sensor, clamp-on sensor, magnetic sensors, batteries, instruction manual Vibration meter, transport bag, batteries, instruction manual electronic stethoscope electronic stethoscope vibration meter OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES K-CAL-PCE-VT 1000 calibration certificate

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Vibration Meter Vibration Meter PCE-VT Series Tester for (RMS), (Peak), (Peak-Peak) Vibrometer / Tachometer Combined Device: Vibration Meter / Tachometer / Stroboscope • measures velocity, displacement and acceleration of vibration • RS-232 interface • holds maximum value / wide frequency range • battery level indication • Automatic Power Off function • measures velocity, displacement and acceleration • Beschleunigung, Geschwindigkeit, Geräusche • measures acceleration, velocity, displacement • 2 models available with FFT analysis • optically measures revolutions with laser point and...

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Vibration Meter Vibration Meter Vibration Analyser with Measuring Point Recognition Vibration Meter with High Resolution Laser Meter for Optical Shaft Alignment • easy handling • OLED display with low energy consumption • measurement by means of two laser sensors / integrated inclinometer • determines wear of bearings and errors in machine operating speed • automatic measuring point recognition by means of sensor base • parallel, angular, and vertical alignment measurement • BNC connector for acceleration measurement • graphical trend indication • integrated IEPE accelerometer • approximate...

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Vibration Meter Vibration Meter High-Quality Mini Long-Term Logger for Temperature, RH, Air Pressure, Light, Acceleration in Grammes 3-Axis Acceleration Sensor for Long-Term Recording (Additional Sensors Optionally Available) • for temperature, ralative humidity with integrated temperature, pressure (e. g. altimeter, water column, barometer), light and 3-axes acceleration • 3-axis acceleration with lithium polymer rechargeable battery for extra-long life • real-time clock with date / adjustable sampling rate / memory capacity for 2.000.000 values, optional micro SD card für 1 billion values...

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Vibration Meter Vibration Meter PCE-VDL Series 3-Axis Vibration Logger with FFT Analysis up to 18 g G-Force Data Logger (Acceleration) 4-Channel Vibration Logger for Measuring Vibration Velocity, Acceleration and Displacement • models available for 5 g, 50 g and 100 g-forces • measures and records vibration acceleration, velocity, and displacement • 4 Mbit memory capacity (85764 values) / USB interface • memory capacity: 349525 measurement values per channel • large LC display with backlight • power supply by battery, works completely independently • sampling rate (64 times per second ......

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Vibration Meter Vibration Meter Wireless Data Logger with BLE, Display and MSR SmartCloud Vibration Transmitter with Display Vibration Monitor for Vibration Velocity Control • Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0 Smart) 2.4 GHz • freely programmable alarm switch points • to monitor vibration velocity • radio range: approx. 10 m • stainless steel sensor • communication with various MSR145WD data loggers possible • with relay output / BNC output • alarm function, transmission to MSR SmartCloud • adjustable limit values and units • free app for smartphones (min. iPhone 4S, iPad 3, in process...

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