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Test equipment for Maintenance and service - 2

TEST INSTRUMENTS FROM GERMANY Maintenance and Service The company PCE Instruments based in Meschede-Freienohl in the German Sauerland region was founded in 1999 by three engineers. With more than 120 employees and several branches around the world, the company focuses on the development, production and distribution of high-performance and innovative products from the fields of measuring instruments, control systems, weighing equipment and laboratory technology. PCE Instruments‘ wide range of products and services offers high precision and flexibility in any application as well as...

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Test equipment for Maintenance and service - 3

VIBRATION MEASUREMENT VIBRATION METER PCE-VT 3700 / PCE-VT 3700S TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Handy entry-level device for vibration monitoring of machines and systems The vibration meter is ideal for maintenance workers to quickly check vibrating parts, machines and systems. This vibration meter shows the vibration acceleration, vibration velocity and vibration displacement directly on the display. You can use the device to quickly and reliably detect machine imbalances which can lead to, for example, bearing damage. The vibration meter is ► automatic ISO 10816-3 evaluation ► easy to handle ►...

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Test equipment for Maintenance and service - 4

VIBRATION MEASUREMENT VIBRATION ANALYZER PCE-VT 1100 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Measurement of acceleration, vibration velocity and displacement The vibration analyzer is used as a hand-held measuring device for the individual assessment of vibrations on machines and systems. With the help of this vibration analyzer, the actual state can easily be determined on site. Thus, corresponding changes can be made directly on site after the measurement. Thereafter, the new condition can be assessed. Thus, the vibration analyzer serves as a measuring device for a relative measurement on different...

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Test equipment for Maintenance and service - 5

VIBRATION MEASUREMENT VIBRATION METER PCE-VT 1300 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Later analyzes thanks to data storage The vibration meter is a measuring device for one-hand operation. This is made possible by the built-in acceleration sensor in the vibration meter. So that the measured values can be read from different angles on the vibration analyzer, the display can be rotated by the vibration meter in 0, 90, 180 and 270 °. The display of the vibration meter is designed so that all measure- ► for fast vibration measurement ► display rotatable by 0 °, 90 °, 18 ° and 270 ° ► data storage for...

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Test equipment for Maintenance and service - 6

VIBRATION MEASUREMENT VIBRATION METER PCE-VM 20 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Vibration meter for vibration measurement on machines Rotating components in machines generally cause machine vibrations which can go over to the entire machine via mechanically coupled components. This creates a mixture of vibration with different frequencies. This machine vibration can have different effects some of which may be desired (e. g., in conveyors or vibrating sieves) – however, in most cases they are undesirable ► real-time FFT analysis ► robust housing ► many vibration parameters ► integrated rechargeable...

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Test equipment for Maintenance and service - 7

VIBRATION MEASUREMENT VIBRATION TEST INSTRUMENT PCE-TU 3 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Vibration Test Instrument for optical alignment of shafts The PCE-TU 3 Vibration Meter is designed to check the shafts in machines and facilities and for the optical alignment of the shafts. This reduces machine downtime and prevents premature bearing failure. By means of the PCE-TU 3 Vibration Meter the relative position between two coupled machines, such as an engine and a pump, can be alternated to the point that the axis ► measurement via soft foot possible ► integrated angulation's sensor line of the...

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Test equipment for Maintenance and service - 8

BELT TENSION TESTING BELT-TENSION METER PCE-BTM 2000 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS To measure the tension of V-belts or drive belts The PCE-BTM 2000 is a measuring instrument to determine the tension of V-belts or drive belts. Belt tension can only be measured when the belt is not in operation. A small impulse with the help of a beater is enough to make the belt vibrate. With a measuring probe and a sensor beam, the generated vibration frequency is determined. The belt tension is calculated on the basis of the measuring data of the natural frequency as well as the belt mass and the length of the...

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Test equipment for Maintenance and service - 9

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS For optical and contact rpm and temperature measurement The combined tachometer-stroboscope is a measuring device for use in maintenance and production. In addition to the stroboscope function, the tachometer-stroboscope is also able to measure temperature by an infrared beam. Thus, the tachometer-stroboscope is ideal for testing the rotational speeds and temperatures of centrifuges, motors, fans and many other ► easy to handle ► powerful LEDs ► non-contact temperature measurement ► temp. measurement with sensor K-type or Pt-1000 sensor ► robust ABS plastic housing...

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Test equipment for Maintenance and service - 10

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Tachometer for contact and non-contact measurement / for speeds up to 99,999 rpm The tachometer PCE-T 238 is a battery-powered hand-held device that allows mobile use. The tachometer can perform a contact measurement as well as a non-contact measurement. It is also possible to perform a measurement of the surface velocity. The tachometer allows a measurement of up to 99,999 revolutions per minute. This range is possible for non-contact measurements with the optical tachometer. With the contact measurement, values up to 19,999 revolutions per minute can be determined...

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Test equipment for Maintenance and service - 11

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS LED-tachometer with a range of 60 ... 99.990 flashes The PCE-LES 100 LED stroboscope combines LED technology with compact and accurate electronics which control the sequence and duration of flashes over the entire measuring range. Thanks to LED technology, the LED stroboscope does not required periodical bulbs. The LED handheld stroboscope is ideal for non-contact measurements and to visualize movements ► handheld stroboscope with LED technology ► (no need to change light bulbs) on machinery and equipment, giving the viewer the impression that the object is...

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