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Material Thickness Meter Material Thickness Gauge for Metal, Plastics, Glass, ... Homogeneous Materials • determines speed of sound of materials / measurement frequency 5 MHz • high measurement accuracy - also for thickness of wall remains • large LC display which lights up for every measurement • battery level indication • operating hours 250 h or 30 h with backlight • heads are wear-resistant / quick head change • test heads with connection cable of 1.60 m 00& The thickness of walls and materials such as metal, glass and plastics play an important role in production and material testing. The process of measuring thickness can be performed with material thickness gauges, which measure the thickness of materials by means of ultrasonic technology. Devices that are used for the supervision of wall thicknesses of smoke pipelines or for incoming goods inspection, cover a measurement range of 1.0 ... 225 mm material thickness. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Model PCE-TG 100 Meas. range in steel 0.8 ... 225 mm Resolution / accuracy 0.1 mm / ±0.1 mm Field of application standard head for steel, non-iron metals, alu, plastics, ceramics, glass high-temperature head mini head for steel, for steel, nFe metals, alu, nFe metals, alu, plastics, plastics, ceramics, glass ceramics, glass OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES K-TT-GEL coupling gel, 120 ml K-CAL-MT ISO calibration certificate K-PCE-TG-ST standard test head K-PCE-TG-HTE high-temperature test head K-PCE-TG-MT minature test head The ultrasonic velocity of some of the material thickness gauges is adjustable from 1000 to 9999 m/s and is frequently used for measuring materials such as steel, glass, and homogeneous plastics. The measuring principle of material thickness gauges is based on the transit time of a reflected ultrasonic pulse. This ensures that the data on the thickness of materials and walls are reliable and accurate. Cont. surface diameter 10 mm / straight sensor 12 mm / straight sensor 7 mm / rectangular sensor Speed of sound 500 ... 9999 m/s, adjustable in steps of 1 m/s Display LCD, 4 digits with backlight Functions Automatic Power Off for battery saving Power supply 2 x 1.5 V AA batteries Battery level indication low battery voltage is displayed Battery life approx. 250 h INCLUDES Material thickness gauge (one of the models), standard test head, battery, coupling gel, case, instruction manual ITEM NO. ITEM K-PCE-TG100 material thickness gauge with standard test head, 0.8 ... 225 mm K-PCE-TG110 material thickness gauge with high-temperature test head, 2.5 ... 200 mm K-PCE-TG120 material thickness gauge with miniature test head for small radii, 1 ... 30 mm high-temperature PCE-TG 120 v miniature head '

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Material Thickness Meter PCE-TG 50 PT-UTGM Series Thickness Gauge 0.80 ... 220.00 mm Thickness Gauge 1.00 ... 250.00 mm Material Thickness Gauge with Multiple Echo Material Thickness Gauge - Submersible up to 500 m • speed of sound adjustable (for different types of materials) • measures wall thickness of 1.0 ... 200.00 mm • long battery life of approx. 250 h • steel block for calibration integrated • carrying case included • software and interface cable optionally available • suitable for metals, glass and homogenous plastics • memory capacity for 4000 values • LC display with backlight •...

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