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Material Thickness Meter Basics PCE Americas Inc. 711 Commerce Way Suite 8 Jupiter FL-33458 USA From outside US: +1 Tel: (561) 320-9162 Fax: (561) 320-9176 PCE Instruments UK Ltd. Units 12/13 Southpoint Business Park Ensign way Hampshire / Southampton United Kingdom, SO31 4RF From outside UK: +44 Tel: (0) 2380 98703 0 Fax: (0) 2380 98703 9 Each material in production or operation has got different features and characteristics. Thickness is one of them. No matter, what it goes about – plastics, rubber, metals – the thickness of the material can and should be measured. It is especially important when it goes about flaws and damages of the materials, which happen not only outside, but inside, i.e. corrosion, erosion. A Material Thickness Meter is exactly the gauge to use for that purpose. Depending on different kinds of the material different thickness measuring gauge can be used. Some are good for measuring very thin materials, like, i.e. plastic bottles, some are suitable for measuring corroded metal in pipes, some measurements can be also carried out on hot surfaces or for very thick materials. A Material thickness meter is easy to operate; nevertheless, it can be used for serious measurements in industrial production, to check the aircraft condition, tanks etc. The ultrasonic Material Thickness Measuring device is very convenient for measuring the inside thickness of the material, especially when the material is subjected to corrosion. With the help of the transmitter the sound is sent into the material making it possible to conduct the measurements inside the pipes without cutting them

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Certain thickness meter are pre-calibrated only for one material and are perfect if the user needs to check the thickness of the same material for a long period time. On the other hand, there are thicknesses meters available that can be programmed for several velocities, and that makes it possible to measure thickness of different materials with the help of one device. The Thickness meters programmed for the high number of measurements per second are ideal for measurement inside the pipes, helping to find out the thinnest or the most damaged place when it is impossible to detect them...

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