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Damp Meter RH5 Thermohygrometer for Paper Stacks GMK 100 Capacitive Material Moisture Meter BLCompact RH-T Flex Equilibrium Moisture Content Meter measures relative humidity and temperature non-destructive measurement method memory capacity for 10000 values dew point from -55 to +60 °C PC interface • non-destructive measuring method • moisture displayed in percentage • moisture evaluated on 6 levels • acoustic and visual moisture alarm • 2 measurement depths selectable • flexible tube sensor available in 2 lengths (0 6.5 mm) • wet bulb temperature, dew point, water activity • wood moisture balance • MIN, MAX and HOLD functions / 3 line LC display • Isorption isotherm for hard and soft wood as well as for 10 different construction materials TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Meas. range Resolution Accuracy Dew point Response time Memory Interface Display Power supply Dimensions Meas. depth Moisture eval. Charact. curves Functions Display Power supply Case Operating cond. Dimen. / weight INCLUDES 10 mm and 25 mm visual: moisture on 6 levels WET until DRY acoustic signal 18 characteristic curves for wood and common construction materials Automatic Power Off, HOLD char. curves, meas. value (backlight) 9 V battery ABS break-proof / IP65 -25 ... +50 °C 106 x 67 x 30 mm, approx. / 145 g Humidity Temperature Response time Memory Power supply Operating cond. Display Dimensions Short sens.(12045) Long sens.(12046) Weight INCLUDES Thermohygrometer, wooden box, Capacitive material moisture meter, 9 V battery, instruction manual instruction manual OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES K-RH5-10072 calibration device K-RH5-10352 calibration set 50 %, 5 pieces K-RH5-12278 software with USB adaptor K-RH5-11131 ISO calibration certificate K-GMK 100 material moisture meter OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES K-PW 25 testing block Equilibrium moisture content meter, sensor (one of two models), battery, box, instruction manual ITEM NO. ITEM K-BL Compact RH-T flex sensor 250 mm K-BL Compact RH-T flex-L sensor 350 mm The telescopic sensor tip allows access to cracks and crevices which are hard to reach.

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Damp Meter - 2

Klimagriff® Klimagriff ® Window Mould Protector BL Compact TF2 PCE-PMI 1Rel. Humidity / Abs. Moisture Meter Material Moisture Meter • 3 LEDs indicate: close window, heat / open window • acoustic signal (can be deactivated) • calculates dew point temperature • automatically calculates wood moisture balance • non-destructive measurement of surface • penetration depth 20 ... 40 mm • determines ambient temperature at the window (or coldest corner of the room), hum. / window position • all data saved for 2 years and available to download via mini USB port • softw. gives ventilation /...

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Damp Meter - 3

Damp Meter BL Compact B Building Moisture Indicator (% weight / Moisture Meter for Concrete and Screed Moisture Meter for Building Materials • 7 characteristic curves for materials / 2 characteristic curves for insulation materials • MIN, MAX and HOLD functions/ acoustic alarm • automatic calibration • Automatic Power Off • meas. depth 50 ... 60 mm (depends on material) • selectable types of concrete (light / heavy) • measurement results within seconds • no need to prepare sample • no need to prepare sample • can be used on-site easily • battery level indication • battery level indication...

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Damp Meter - 4

Material Moisture and Temp. Meter Wood Moisture Meter • moisture measuring device for quick individual or serial measurements • characteristic curves for 3 types of construction materials and 2 insulation materials • moisture of wood and construction materials displayed in % weight on 3-line LCD display • correction of wood types in 4 stages • displays the device and ambient temperature 3 groups of wood / building material: mean characteristic curve • well readable display • automatic temperature compensation • Automatic Power Off • includes battery and pins for hard...

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Damp Meter - 5

PCE-MMK 1 Damp Meter Material Moisture Meter • for different groups of wood and building materials • evaluation of results as wet / dry • LC display with backlight / bar chart • automatic / manual temperature compensation • indication mode for reference measurements Relative Humidity and Absolute Moisture Meter • self-diagnostic programme for moisture of wood, paper, cardboard and building materials • display backlight switches of automatically after 10 seconds • wet / dry indication / manual temperature compensation • types of wood and building materials adjustable • 3 different electrodes...

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Damp Meter - 6

Damp Meter PCE-SMM 1 Absolute Soil Moisture Meter Relative and Abs. Soil Moisture Meter Moisture Meter for Sawdust • determines moisture of soil • determines soil moisture in % by volume, saturation in % and calculates the water deficit in mm/m² • battery level indicator • probe length 225 mm • case protection class IP67 • determines moisture quickly • 3 different moisture sensors available (depending on the measurement task and the characteristics of the soil) • MIN, MAX and DATA HOLD functions • measures biomasses such as straw, hay, sawdust,... • programmable via PC, software included •...

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Damp Meter - 7

Moisture Meter for Pellets Moisture Meter for Waste Paper measurement range of 10 % resolution 0.1 % measurement probe 100£ easy measurement LC display powered by battery for use in the inspection of incoming raw materials (to avoid unnecessary extra costs for moisture) for waste paper, even mixed resilient penetration electrode easily readable display Absolute Moisture Meter for Paper • P2: used for kraft paper, packaging paper, sack paper, cardboard and paperboard • P4: used for all types of paper and cardboard with a high filler content • non-destructive measurement • sensor at the...

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