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Condition Monitoring

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Measurement Technology from Sauerland PCE Instruments Headquarter Germany Building I PCE Produktions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH Building II Dear readers, PCE Instruments is a leading supplier of first-class products and solutions in the field of measuring, control, weighing and laboratory technology. Founded 19 years ago, the company is directly represented in 11 countries; in nine other countries, PCE also cooperates with engineering firms or commercial agents as sales and service partners. The product portfolio covers a broad, diversified range, which includes a big number of the...

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Products and Services for a wide range of applications The comprehensive product and service program of PCE Instruments offers you high precision and flexibility in all applications as well as outstanding quality and functionality. Below you may find an overview of the areas we work in. Measurement Technology Weighing Technology Control Systems The field of measurement technology covers a large number of innovative, mobile and stationary products for the determination of electrical, mechanical, biological, chemical and environmental parameters. Measurement technology allows determination of...

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Condition Monitoring | Test Instruments - 4

Calibration Service Precision and Safety - guaranteed All from One Source The calibration of test equipment increases the precision and safety in your manufacturing process and thus helps to avoid extra work or even spoilage and rejects. Calibration Test Stand for Flow in Liquids certificate according to ISO specifications, calibration label with calibration number and date of re-calibration. The calibration includes: function test of your measuring instruments, calibration according to standard specifications, minor repairs, detailed PCE guarantees the complete return of your measuring...

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Condition Monitoring | Test Instruments - 5

Tachometer PCE-T236 For contact and non-contact rpm measurement The handheld tachometer is particularly suitable for registering revolutions and speeds on rotating machines and systems (on conveyor belts, motors, belt drives ...). The measurement is either contactless with the help of a reflex mark, which is glued to the rotating part or by means of one of the included, attachable mechanical adapters, with a measuring tip or measuring wheel (see image). handheld tachometer is also used in operational and institutional research and development. The tachometer has a button for four selectable...

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Condition Monitoring | Test Instruments - 6

Tachometer PCE-T 260 (6 in 1) With Optical and Contact rpm and Temperature Measurement The combined tachometer stroboscope is a measuring device for use in maintenance, servicing and production. In addition to the stroboscopic function, the tachometer stroboscope also has an option to measure (via contact) rotational speeds and temperatures. Thus, the tachometer is ideal for testing the rotational speeds and temperatures of centrifuges, motors, fans and many other machines and systems used in industry and research. The special feature is the combination of these measurement parameters in...

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Condition Monitoring | Test Instruments - 7

Stroboscope PCE-LES 100 LED-Tachometer with the Range of 60 ... 99.990 Flashes and equipment, as well as their parts during condition monitoring, while the viewer gets a subjective impression that the object is stationary. Due to a very wide frequency range and useradjustable flash length, the LED handheld stroboscope PCE-LES 100 can be used for a variety of purposes, where it is important to make very fast movements visible (e.g. vibration). The compact design and size of the device, and, thus, the possibility to carry it in a pocket enable you to have it at your disposal anytime you need....

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Condition Monitoring | Test Instruments - 8

Vibration Measurement Stethoscope PCE-S 42 For monitoring of bearings and motors Also, its application facilitates the monitoring of sound phenomena in bearings and motors. In this way, it is possible to amplify the noises indicating that there is slight damage to the machine, which, if ignored, could result in severe impairments and damage to the machine. same time offer high wearing comfort. The vibration meter is mostly used to clearly determine the knocking and grinding sounds. The vibration meter is supplied with a headset that is perfect for use in a noisy environment due to its shape...

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Condition Monitoring | Test Instruments - 9

Vibration Measurement Shock Logger PCE-VDL series Shock logger with up to 2400 Hz The data loggers PCE-VDL series are available in two versions. The data logger PCE-VDL 16I contains sensors for the following physical units: temperature, humidity, air pressure, light and 3-axis acceleration. The max. sampling rate of the acceleration sensor is 1600 Hz, the other sensors are sampled with max. 1 Hz. With the data logger PCE-VDL 24I the acceleration sensor is even delivered with a sampling rate of 2400 Hz. Therefore, the shock- and vibration logger is ideally suited for application in fault...

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Condition Monitoring | Test Instruments - 10

Vibration Measurement PCE-VT 2700 / PCE-VT 2700S Vibration Meter for Monitoring of Machines and Equipment with the device. An integrated RS-232 interface allows the data to be transported directly from the vibration meter to the PC. Also, check the vibration behavior of your machines with this vibration meter and prevent damage (pinpoint the source of the unwanted vibrations). The vibration meter is usually used for individual assessment of vibration on machinery and equipment by means of vibration path, vibration velocity or vibration acceleration. Vibration Measurement The vibrometer is...

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Condition Monitoring | Test Instruments - 11

Vibration Measurement PCE-VMS 504 / PCE-VMS 501 Wireless Vibration Monitoring System with External Vibration Sensors receiving unit. Due to their magnetic feet, these sensors can easily be docked to machines where they can measure not only the vibration but also the temperature between -20 and +120 ° C. During the operation, the server socket / web communication sends measured parameters directly to the receiving unit of the wireless vibra- tion monitoring system PCE-VMS 504, which uploads them directly to the server after data acquisition. Vibration Measurement The wireless vibration...

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