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Locating Device / Cable Detector PCE-STM 3 Detector f. Wood, Metal, Copper, Iron Detector for Wood, Metal, Copper,... Cable Detector for Live Conductors • locates wood / metal / current lines (depth 3 cm) • LC display with user guidance • follows cables in walls or cable ducts • drilling point security / two integrated levels • permanent voltage warning • detects broken cables behind plaster • permanent alarm (visual and acoustic) • with protective felt • with protective felt • cables to be tested must have voltage, it is not necessary to remove the fuse • adjustable line laser (increments of 45 º) • detects beams, cavities, metal, current lines • drilling point security • acoustic alarm when interruptions are detected • easy to use / compact design TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Location depth max. 3 cm Readout graphical LC display Linear laser adjustable at steps of 45° Meas. modes locates metal / wood in stone, concrete, screed, plasterboard, aerated concrete, ceramics; AC scanner: locates live current lines, behind wood panels or coatings; it cannot detect voltage lines in dry wall constructions with metal studs Alarm visual and acoustic Display large LCD Power supply 9 V battery Dimens. / weight 180 x 67 x 38 mm / 180 g Location depth max. 10 cm Stud-Scan: up to 3 cm (wood, metal) Metal-Scan: 5 ... 10 cm (copper, iron) AC-Scan: up to 4 cm Stud-Scan: detects hidden beams in drywall constructions (plasterboard, wood panels) Metal-Scan: detects metal in stone & concrete walls, in screed, ... and minerals AC-Scan: locates live voltage lines Alarm visual and acoustic Readout arrows on the LCD Power supply 9 V block battery Weight 250 g Voltage range 220 ... 240 V AC Frequency range 50 / 60 Hz Line detection by acoustic signal Connection euro plug Alarm acoustic Sensitivity adjustable Display --Case ABS plastic Power supply transmitter: via mains cable receiver: 9 V block battery Standard IEC / EN 61010 - 1:01 Dimensions device: approx. 175 x 60 x 45 mm transm.: approx. 65 x 50 x 28 mm cable length: 200 mm Weight 300 g Multifunctional wall scanner, 9 V block battery, instruction manual Detector Multifinder Pro, 9 V block battery, instruction manual Cable detector consisting of signal transmitter and receiver, battery, bag, instruction manual multifunctional wall scanner cable detector

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Cable Detector - 2

PCE-180 CBN Cable Detector for Idle Lines PCE-CL 10Line Detector PCE-LT1Multimeter to Test Network Cables • adjustable sensitivity / volume • overvoltage category: CAT III, 300 V • ideal for testing current, network and coaxial cables • locates lines in ceilings, walls and floors • tone generator with RJ11 plug and crocodile clips • includes 2 x 9 V block batteries and bag • can locate cable interruptions, switches and fuses / can detect short circuits • locates earth faults in three-phase supplies • can follow water and heating pipes • manual or automatic testing of individual lines •...

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