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Automotive Tester - 1

• ON / OFF switch, rough and fine adjustment, can multiply and divide by two • xenon lamp 800 lux (for approx. 100 mn. flashes) • FPS / Hz = flashes/second or Hz • continuous operation possible, rechargeable battery lasts 30 minutes TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Meas. range 60 ... 99990 rpm Accuracy Illuminance Phase shifting Lamp Power supply Display Case Operating conditions Dimensions / weight 30.0 ... 18000 rpm 0.5 ... 300 Hz ±0.1 rpm (complete range) ±0.01 % of reading up to 360° max. 5 m ( depending on lighting conditions) 15 VDC (chargeable int. batt., charging time approx. 2 ... 3 h) ABS plastic 168 x 161 x 342 mm / 2.3 kg replacement xenon lamp replacement rechargeable battery nylon bag pulse / contact cable 4.6 m Stroboscope, 2 batteries, transport bag, instruction manual ITEM NO. ITEM K-PCE-LES 100 stroboscope LED OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES K-CAL-LES 100 ISO calibration certificate K-STAT aluminium tripod K-MINI-STAT mini tripod Meas. range Resolution Accuracy Phase shifting Illuminance Power supply Display Case Operating cond. Dimensions / weight INCLUDES Stroboscope, 3 batteries, cable for trigger connection, case, instruction manual ITEM NO. ITEM K-PCE-LES 200 stroboscope LED OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES K-CAL-LES 200 ISO calibration certificate K-PCE-LES-MS tripod assembly adaptor K-STAT aluminium tripod Measurement range Resolution Accuracy Phase shifting Distance Power supply Case Dimensions / weight INCLUDES Stroboscope, charger with cable, 2 rechargeable batteries, instruction manual ITEM NO. ITEM

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Automotive Tester - 2

Automotive Tester PCE-S 41 Electronic Stethoscope Elec. Stethoscope with Crocodile Clip Vibration Meter (RMS=vVib) • ideal for inspection and maintenance • tool for on-site technicians • for localisation of faults in bearings, machines and equipment • for capturing machine noises • measures vibration velocity • headphones to encounter background noise • long sensor (29 cm) and inductive crocodile clip with 65 cm cable • battery level indication • continuous (stepless) volume control • magnetic sensors • headphones with 1.5 m cable • wide frequency range • holds values after every...

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Automotive Tester - 3

Penetrometer for Fruit Ripeness Closing Force M. for Doors / WindowsClosing Force Meter 2001/85/EG • combines 3 usual penetrometers in one single device / conversion table for kg/cm2 • HOLD function for max. value / zero button • PEAK HOLD and indication of max. value • Auto Power Off function / battery level indication • RS-232 interface • measures the closing force of windows or doors • LC display with backlight • Automatic Power Off • continuous use for 8 hours • portable as powered by batteries • measures the closing force of service doors and closing mechanisms • LC display with...

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Automotive Tester - 4

PCE-CT 25 Vehicle Paint Thickn. Gauge (Fe/nFe) • measures on steel, iron and nFe metals • integrated probe, easy to clean • large LC display with backlight • Automatic Power Off PCE-CT 26 Coating Thickness Gauge (Fe metals) • external probe, easy to clean (50 cm cable) • digital LC display • can be reset to zero on any paint-free metal anytime and easily • Automatic Power Off • zero reset with included standards Paint Thickn. Gauge with Large LCD • readings are saved in regular mode, 80 readings per group can be saved • MIN, MAX, MEAN, ALARM functions • USB port for data exchange • zero...

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Automotive Tester - 5

PCE-CT 30Meter for Electrically Insulating Coatings up to 1500 pm Coating Thickness Gauge up to 3500 pm measures all non-magnetic coatings such as lacquer, paint, chrome, copper and zinc on steel, iron and non-ferrous metals / min. measuring surface: 5 x 5 mm measures all electrically insulating coatings such as lacquer, paint and anodised aluminium on Fe / nFe metals recognises the base material / selects measurement procedures memory capacity for 10000 values, statistical analysis wide measurement range of 0 ... 3.5 mm / wear-resistant ruby measuring head practical V groove at the...

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Automotive Tester - 6

Tachometer f. Two-/Four-Stroke Eng. PCE-BTT 1 Tooth Belt Tension Tester Brake Service Tool for many Vehicles measures the revolutions of all common combustion motors with electric ignition (1 cylinder two-stroke ... 8 cylinders four-stroke) 1.10 m test lead with inductive clip to place on ignition cable display with backlight with torch • to test and adjust the tooth belts opens and closes the parking brake • measures tension of nearly all types of vehicles, in line with manufacturer specifications • sensor can be attached to the tooth belt with one hand • Automatic Power Off after 5 min •...

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Automotive Tester - 7

Ignition Light GunIgnition Timing Gun • pulse doubling and separation possible • tripod connection / light-weight, handy case • one-hand operation via 6 keys • 60 ... 99,990 flashed • battery life 11 h • to check petrol and diesel engines • measures dwell angle and ignition control • revolution / voltage measurement • comes in carrying case • measures start of fuel delivery and advance corrector • powered by microprocessor • to test petrol engines • measures ignition control, revolutions, voltage • tests contact breaker and dwell angle • powered by processor TECHNICAL...

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Automotive Tester - 8

Refractometer for Antifreeze Agent Pedal Force Meter for Brake Pedals Car Paint Thickness Gauge (Fe / nFe) • quickly and easily determines the proportion of antifreeze agent in solutions • suitable for industrial and automotive purposes • handy, gives accurate readings • range of 0 ... 1,500 N for compressive forces • various readout possibilities • for cars and trucks • mechanical overload protection • measures on steel / ferrous and non-ferrous metals • integrated probe, easy to clean • easy to operate (even for unexperienced persons) • Automatic Power Off TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS...

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