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PCE Americas Inc. 711 Commerce Way Suite 8 Jupiter FL-33458 USA From outside US: +1 Tel: (561) 320-9162 Fax: (561) 320-9176 PCE Instruments UK Ltd. Units 12/13 Southpoint Business Park Ensign way Hampshire / Southampton United Kingdom, SO31 4RF From outside UK: +44 Tel: (0) 2380 98703 0 Fax: (0) 2380 98703 9

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PCE-AS1 is a modern air sampling meter that helps users assess microbiological pollution. The device uses the impaction principle when taking measurements. After air samples are taken and an incubation has occurred, the number of microorganisms can be determined. The air sampling meter must be used in a clean environment such as a pharmaceutical or food production facility. The air sampling meter meets the latest requirements for devices used for airborne microbial analysis. When samples are taken, the air particles enter through the surface of the meter. The particles then hit the surface...

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3.1 Pharmaceutical industry Recording of the laminar flow of microorganisms; Analysis of the cleanliness of a clean room; Testing the effectiveness of sterilization. 3.2 Food industry Detection of microbial contamination in the clean room according to the HACCP concept. 3.3 Hospitals Detection of pathogenic microorganisms in operating theaters, as well as in the pharmacy, storeroom or ICU. 3.4 Electrical industry Measuring particles and micro-bacterial contamination in clean rooms. • Temperature: • Relative humidity: • Atmospheric pressure: • Maximum ambient wind speed: 5 Main features...

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6 Technical parameters • Number of micropores in the collective mind: 498 • Battery: 6400 mA • Flow rate from the gathering head: 0.38 m / second (kinetic sampling) • Automatic control of the measuring volume: 10 ~ 6000 l (minimum: 10 l) • Dimensions plate: 0 70 ~ 90 * 15 mm • Storage of up to 99 parameters and 2000 measured values possible • Dimensions: 120 x 300 mm 7 Construction The air sampler consists of an upper and a lower part. The upper part consists of a collecting head, the cover of the collecting head, the device for the plate, the pump and the pump part. The power...

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Operation diagram Main menu Selection of memory item (max. 99 items) Selection via “Select” key in combination with arrow keys Select a memory item previously saved Query of saved data Selection via “Select” key in combination with arrow keys Selection via “Select” key in combination with arrow keys Set volume of measurement, delay time and memory item Indication of last reading Selection via “Select” key in combination with arrow keys

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Welcome screen Main menu Set delay time Reset meter to factory settings Set place to save the readings Language setting Delete collected date Save settings for measurement record Date setting Time setting Save settings for measurement record * A reset to factory settings is normally not necessary. If still desired, contact us for the password. Quick settings Press the power button, and the device automatically displays the central user interface. To get into the mode where you set the parameters for the measurement, press the "Menu" button: Setting the measuring volume: Press the “select”...

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8.3 Detailed settings To turn on the unit, press the "power" button. The indicator lights up and the device automatically performs a self-test. After the test is completed, the air sampler automatically switches to the central user interface. To specify the settings, press the "menu" button: • Setting the measuring volume: See point 8.1 of the operating instructions. Set volumes from 10 to 6000 liters in increments of 10 mm. • Setting measurement time delay: See point 8.1 of the operating instructions. The delay time can be set between 0 and 256 seconds in intervals of one...

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Measuring process · Remove the cover from the collecting head. The collecting head should be sterilized in an autoclave at 121 ° C for 30 minutes (sterilization with a cloth with 75% alcohol is also possible). After sterilization, the cover should be placed back on the collecting head. The Petri dish should also be sterilized with 75% alcohol. Switch on the device. The display should show the current date and time settings, the battery level, the storage, the last set of the measuring volume, the delay time and other information. In the air sampler, a Petri dish with a middle diameter of Ø...

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• Do not perform sampling with toxic corrosive gas. The device is also not for use in sour or alkaline environments. It is not allowed in areas where there is fine dust of 0.3 mg / m 3. Do not press the "sample" button before covering, because the pump can overheat and be destroyed. • Completely charge the battery before each use to prevent damage. • When the plate is inserted, it should be snug and reach the ground. • After each use, the collecting head and top should be cleaned with 75% alcohol. Then the cover must be placed again on the collecting head set. Alle PCE-Produkte sind...

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