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Przedsiębiorstwo Badawczo-Produkcyjne OPTEL Sp. z o.o. ul. Morelowskiego 30 PL-52-429 Wrocław tel.: +48 (071) 329 68 54 fax.: +48 (071) 329 68 52 e-mail: optel@optel.pl http://www.optel.pl Wrocław ULTRASONIC PULSER OPGUD HV OPGUD HV is an ultrasonic pulser suitable for work with all ultrasonic transducers with about 500pF – 20nF impedance. Method of operation: The rising edge of the Trigger signal (see picture) initiates the transducer charging process. After a predetermined time, the end of charge of the transmitter occurs and the ultrasonic pulse trigger (falling edge pulse output) is generated. At the same time a pulse Trig output is generated. • • • • Pulse amplitude: 100V - 1250V Duty factor: 50% - 95% Frequency: 0.7 – 164Hz Trigger output/input: TTL Trig. input Pulse output Trig. output

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Working modes Generator can work in two modes: • Setting (SET) mode which allow to set parameters using potentiometers, available on the front panel. The generator is also normally working in this mode, but not necessarily stable. • Normal work mode (RUN). In this mode the possibility of changing the settings is blocked. The generated signal is stable in this mode. Trigger: • INT – Internal trigger • EXT – External trigger. In both cases trigger signal is sent or received by BNC (TRIG) connector on the rear panel. Trigger pulse is sent out after the transducer is discharged. In the case of...

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Rear Panel BNC Connector TRIG – Trigger (internal / output or external / input) OUTPUT + _ POWER switch Jack Connector 12V/3A for wall socket. Back Settings Frequency:

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External Trigger: larger than the repetition

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Examples of measured signals:

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Trigger output - TTL Signal 5V; 1.2us;

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