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Background and Mission of Optel Ltd., its History and actual situation Optel Ltd was founded 1989 by a group of scientists, engineers, and technicians that had been working to develop new and innovative products, involving such diverse technologies as ultrasound, acoustical emissions, analysis and processing, as well as acoustical and holographic imaging techniques. The primary goal of Optel was to research and develop new and innovative hardware and software technologies for various product applications, with a focus on product developments possessing mass market potential. The Optel's...

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R&D projects, made by Opel represents surely the highest level. The company is since many years acknowledged as experienced team of experts in ultrasonic technology and biometrics. Many years of experience and creativity are causing, that many people are seeing us as a reliable partner for such projects. This is surely the reason, why we are invited to many EU supported R&D projects. The fact, that the amount of projects, in which we was engaged was significantly larger than the typical value for polish companies, Polish National Contact Point for EU R&D Projects has nominated Optel for the...

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The following list contains the most interesting projects which we have made. If you have a need for a product, that you cannot create alone, or a proposal for the project, that could have as a result a product, that have a realistic market, try to consider us as a potential partner. The creation of new products is really what we can do. The creation of new products is something, that we really can do and already done many times. Some of the proposed ideas was patented. There are also project, that we cannot disclose due to the NDA agreements with our partners and customers. Acoustics -...

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Renewable energy - Novel kind of solar collector Sonars - Special sonars (for Wain Tsiang Enterprise) Measuring systems - Scientific Ultrasonic refractometer Ultrasonic Microscope with phase contrast Ultrasonic scanner - Wood System for delamination detection in wooden chip plates. Evaluation of state of antique wooden objects - Plastic and steel pipes System for measurement of plasic pipes during production (extrusion) Measurement of wall thickness of pipes lying on the bottom of the sea (for Wain Tsiang Enterprise) Development of a Guided Long Range Ultrasonic Inspection System for the...

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OPCARD - 01/100 Ultrasonic board with integratedpulser and receiver Single Channel PCI-bus UT PC-Card OPCARD -01/100 is complete ultrasonic testing board. OPCARD-01/100 is a device, suitable for all ultrasonic measurements, and due to many additional inputs and outputs, and internal processor it can be used as a controller for more complicated devices. The card has an implemented one channel pulser & receiver and can be used with one transducer or with two (one is sending, and the second receiving). The card can work together with following devices:...

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Uin - Measured input signal (sending/ receiving); Uin2 - Measured input signal (receiving); TrgOutput - Trigger output ceramics, is 0.1 mm thick and has 8 mm diameter). Because of the very low output impedance of the device (<1 Ohm) and short discharge time the pulse generated with this device could be concerned as a real pulse answer for the most transducers. Transducers with a parallel matching inductance should not be used, since they do not allow the transducer to be pre-charged (the inductance causes a short-circuit). DB15: signals Pin2, 10 - TTL general input signals Pin4 - TTL...

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Ultrasonic box with integrated pulser and receiver rev. 3 OPBOX - USB 2.0 OPBOX - USB 2.0 is a complete ultrasonic testing device, suitable for all ultrasonic measurements, and due to many additional inputs and outputs, it can be used as a controller for more complicated devices. The box can work together with following devices: • 2 - 32 channel multiplexer – the OPBOX can control it directly; • Scanner - it has input for incremental encoders; The box contains one channel pulser & receiver and can be used with one transducer or with two (one...

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Output - 6 digital: Data bus: lines TTL Signal (Multiplexer control up to 64 channels) USB 2.0 (48MHz Bulk transfer) - Pulse length (loading time) - Fall Time - Pulse Duration - Output impedance Voltage off - 360V (positive pulse, Short circuit step pulser) in 13 levels from 0 – 3.1us with resolution 0.1us <= 20 ns Short circuit, bandwidth up to about 50MHz < 1 Ohm 1 - software selected Wall Socket adapter (i.e Sunny Computer Technology Europe Model: SYS 1308-W2E) Plug type: USA, Europe, UK Input Voltage Type: Universal Range AC Input Voltage: 90~264 Vac AC Input Frequency: 47~63 Hz AC...

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Transducers (probes) Because of the very low manufacturing costs we can deliver transducers at a reasonable retail price. A standard 10MHz (100ns pulse length) transducer comprising a sound emitting element mounted in a stainless steel housing and a BNC connector cost 160,Euro. The element is 5mm in diameter; the steel housing is 10mm in diameter and 30mm long. As a result of our biometric project a new class of ultrasound transducers has been created, for which a patent application has been submitted. Unlike classical designs, our...

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limiting factor for the temperature range is the ceramics used. Our transducers will not get permanently damaged even if their temperature raises above the Curie point. Once they cool down they become operational again, prided that our pulse generator is used. We have prooved construction, that can work continuosly at 200°C. Maximal supply voltage: pulses of up to 700V peak value. Any type of pulse generator can be used. Electrical impedance is equivalent to the impedance of a capacitor with comparable capacitance (ca 1.5 nF for the transducer with the diameter of 4 mm). The impedance...

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