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SAFETY FOOTWEAR Why MAXGUARD? ambitious innovators: MAXGUARD is a trendsetter in designs, functionality We are and comfort. Therefore we only work with the best designers, shoe technicians and production sites. quality fanatics: All MAXGUARD safety footwear meets the required safety We are regulations; guaranteed. For us minimum requirements only exists to outdo them. We are a loyal partner: Our word is true. Reliability, honesty and trust are the guidelines for our partnerships with dealers and suppliers. We work for mutual benefits and rely on long-term relationships. human: People are in...

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Dear customers and partners, An eventful year is behind us. We would therefore like to use the introductory of our new product catalogue 2018, to inform you about the latest company developments. In September, this year, eight years after the founding of the company, MAXGUARD opted for a company merger with CORTINA NV, owner of SAFETY JOGGER & OXYPAS. As one of the largest and most powerful European family-owned companies in the sector of fashion, brands, licenses and safety shoes, CORTINA NV, stands for many years of decisive experience in the shoe industry. Particular strengths are in...

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MAXGUARD safety footwear I Technologies SYMPATEX® Moisture-tech® Technology® Models with this icon are equipped with the highly functional Sympatex® membrane and the innovative Moisture-Tech® technology. This membrane system makes the shoe 100% waterproof, increases the breathability and ensures dry feet. High comfort and maximum performance in changing weather conditions. metal free 100 % metal free Products marked with this icon are completely metal free. Apart from the special lightness of these articles, they can be used for security purposes. These shoes will not be detected by metal...

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MAXGUARD   safety footwear I Technologies A high-tech toe cap from the high performance Models with this icon are material aluminium. An extremely lightweight without any animal materials. toe cap, changing the weight-focus of safety Suitable for people with aller- footwear in the centre of the shoe and there- gies. LORICA®, this high-tech for prevents tipping hazards. The paramagnetic characteristics of this aluminium cap ensures against animal fats, oils, petrol, dis- that the cap is not detected by metal detectors. infectants and a variety of chemicals. Furthermore it is has very good...

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MAXGUARD   safety footwear I Engineering and service German Safety is the claim of MAXGUARD and that means quality workmanship. Our goal is the highest quality, not only for our safety footwear, but in all our processes. Workmanship begins in the development: All products are developed by MAXGUARD or with external, award-winning design studios. The selection of materials used are according to very strict quality guidelines. Workmanship includes production: We manufacture in modern production sites and monitor all processes on site with experienced shoe technicians. The latest technological...

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Protected against wind and rain Sportivy safety Premium footwear for the industry Sneakers with top comfort Just Sneakers Significantly more comfort Safety made lighter High-tech meets functionality Elegant safety White safety Your entry in MAXGUARD

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MAXGUARD safety footwear I A brief overview Our range SX- CLASS Page 10 – 15 SX 700 I S3 S- CLASS Comfort Page 26 – 31

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C- CLASS Page 44 – 51 CROSS C750 I S3 D- CLASS Page 56 – 59 DAKOTA D030 I S1P G- CLASS Page 60 –61 GORDON G303 I S3 W- CLASS Page 62 – 67 WILSON W410 I S2 A- CLASS Page 68 –71 ARNE A170 I S1P

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SX-CLASS Protected against wind and rain MAXGUARD with innovative SYMPATEX® Membrane. Keeps you dry. Anyone working outdoors in all weather, deserves the best: the new MAXGUARD SX series is equipped with the ultimate of SYMPATEX® – the innovative Moisture-Tech® technology. The SYMPATEX® membrane is 100 % waterproof, windproof and breathable. The innovative Moisture-Tech® technology ensures accelerated removal of sweat moisture and prevents heat build-up in the shoe. Optimal moisture management for a consistently comfortable temperature regulation. Only the best materials are used in the SX...

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Moisture-Tech ® Technology from SYMPATEX ® 100% waterproof 100% metal free MAX-3FIT® modular width system MAX-Flex metal free anti-penetration midsole SYMPATEX® Moisture-tech® Technology ptimal microclimate inside the shoe while providing O high physical loads Avoidance of unpleasant feeling of wetness by accelerated sweat removal from the foot outwardly Faster drying of the lining in extreme humidity advent Reduction of odor and blistering aximum comfort and dry feet for optimal performance M under changing weather conditions Rubber soles heat-resistant up to 300 °C, W ith a PU comfort...

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MAXGUARD SX -CLASS I Protected against wind and rain SX-CLASSSX 700 > S3 O UPPER full grain leather, waterproof O SYMPATEX® lining, Moisture-tech® technology O MAX-Flex non-metallic penetration resistant midsole O MAX-3FIT®-System modular width concept O PU/Rubber comfort sole, slip-resistant, heat-resistant, cut-resistant O O'THER CHARACTERISTICS fully waterproof due to the SYMPATEX® lining, Moisture-tech® technology, equipped with the MAX-3FIT®-System, normal width 11, slim/10 and wide12 are available as accessory O NORM DIN EN ISO 20345/S3 WR HI CI HRO SRC O SIZES EU 39-48...

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MAXGUARD SX -CLASS I Protected against wind and rain 300 > S3 UPPER RIPSTOP technical textile SYMPATEX® lining, Moisture-tech® technology MAX-Light composite toe cap MAX-Flex non-metallic penetration resistant midsole MAX-3FIT®-System modular width concept PU/Rubber comfort sole, slip-resistant, heat-resistant, cut-resistant OTHER CHARACTERISTICS 100% metal free, fully waterproof due to the SYMPATEX® lining, Moisture-tech® Technology, equipped with the MAX-3FIT®-System normal width/11, slim/10 and wide/12 are available as accessory NORM DIN EN ISO 20345/S3 WR HI CI HRO SRC SIZES EU 39-48 UK...

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