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Water Level Indicators / Mod. WMS-02 TV-INSPECTION SYSTEM WATER LEVEL INDICATORS www.pasigeophysics.com Mod.WMS-02 (formerly Mod.BFKT) Rounded PVC cable, four conductors, with kevlar core and external protection sheath (diam. 4.7 mm). Graduation at 1 centimeter interval (directly printed on the cable itself and protected by external anti scratching transparent polihuretane) Probe diameter: 10 mm, made of stainless steel and moulded rubber, with segmented weights for more flexibility Water level indication by both acoustic signal and led (automatic sensibility regulation) Temperature display (sensor accuracy +/- 0.1%, range from -10 to +70°C) Powered by 1x9V battery, easy to be substituted (external drawer) Cable lenghts from 30m to 500m WMS-02 panel WMS-02 brake particular AVAILABLE WMS-02 MODELS model cable length cable reel order code P.A.S.I. S.R.L. — Via Galliari 5/E — 10125 Torino - Italy tel. +39 (0)11 6507033 - sales@pasisrl.it - www.pasigeophysics.com Specifications subject to change without notice

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