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SEISMIC ACCESSORIES PASI RADIO TRIGGER The new PASI RADIO TRIGGER is a versatile and easy to use instrument designed for triggering a seismic acquisition via radio, by transmitting in the European band 869.4 ÷ 869.65 MHz (free license with no goverment taxes). If you are based or you operate outside Europe, please verify if it is possible to use this band also in your country. PASI RADIO TRIGGER is particularly useful as an alternative to long trigger lead-in cables: the basic system consists of a transmitter Tx (to be connected to the hammer switch) and by a receiver Rx (to be connected to the seismograph). Like any radio Tx-Rx device, the radio trigger and its antenna must be properly positioned in the field to assure best performance (e.g. open space without obstacles, “visibilty” between Tx and Rx, etc.). Applications:  ACTIVE SEISMICS (refraction, reflections, ecc..) ▼PASI Radio Trigger Carrying case (standard kit) Particular of Tx & Rx upper panel ► PASI RADIO TRIGGER TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Radio Transmission Transmission Band European Band 869.4÷869.65MHz (free use licenced) 7 chs., user selectable, multireceiver mode Compatible with all PASI seismographs Input Signal Hammer switch, starter geophone, TTL signal, Open Circuit, Close circuit Trigger Indication Power Supply Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer internal battery Micro USB interface for recharging Tx & Rx: 63mm x 36mm x 140mm (antenna escl.) Transit Case: 258mm x 243mm x 117,5mm - IP67 P.A.S.I. S.R.L. — Via Galliari 5/E — 10125 Torino - Italy tel. +39 (0)11 6507033 - - w

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