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Advantages by IDS Intelligent, digital Sensors measure and combine measurement results with sensor data – no matter if operated by cable or wireless module. And perfectly fitting to them we developed the new MultiLine® IDS series for pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and turbidity. Case sets including sensors allow immediate use Useful accessories support versatile applications in the field. Partial pressure Saturation Concentration BOD MultiLine® IDS portable meters are robust and waterproof according IP 67. Depending on the model they have one or two USB interfaces and color...

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MultiLine® IDS Portable Meters - 3

IDS sensors are smart. They log on automatically, transfer description, serial number, calibration record and calibration history as well as their complete parameters. digital: IDS sensors process the sensitive signals into digital signals and transfer them fail-safe and error-free to the meter. No difference when using cable or wireless modules. sensor: IDS Sensors are based on proven and continuously enhanced WTW sensors. They cover almost any application in pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity measurement. For more detailed information please visit our website:...

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MultiLine® IDS Portable Meters - 4

Multi 36x0 IDS Up-to-date data transfer • Two field-tested waterproof USB interfaces • Connection of USB memory stick or selected printers • Data transfer to PC or Laptop with MultiLab® Importer Excel plug in Economic power supply • Rechargeable batteries for charging in the meter • Stationary power supply with mains voltage or via USB Convenient data sampling • Perfect for long data series: memory for 10,000 automatic and 500 manual records Multi 3630 IDS The allrounder for pH/ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity The Multi 3630 does not only measures up to three parameter...

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MultiLine® IDS Portable Meters - 5

Robust and reliable for the field • • • Water and dustproof according IP 67 Keypad of a piece – no gaps Easy to clean with a soft brush under a water jet Documentation of results, sensor and meter data User administration via MultiLab® User Also for modern laboratory use • Space saving and free moving space by optional wireless measurement Multi 3510 IDS Fast data transfer • Water proof Mini USB-B interface for data transfer to PC Secure power supply • Reliable power supply in the field by alkaline manganese batteries • Stationary power supply via USB Multi 3620 IDS Simultaneous measurement...

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MultiLine® IDS Portable Meters - 6

IDS sensors:  Distinctively unique and future-proof The IDS sensors – intelligent, digital sensors – combine proven measurement technique with additional advantages. Based on proven electrochemical WTW sensors but equipped with advanced measurement electronics the IDS sensors distinctively store their serial number and calibration records for immediate operation. This allows the actual rating of electrode quality by the QSC (Quality Sensor Control) function. IDS sensors not only store their data but also process the measurement signal and thus enhance the quality of measured data. The IDS...

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MultiLine® IDS Portable Meters - 7

All meters come in a carry case for immediate measurement. The sets contain additionally differing on their content the meter armor SM pro and sensors. Furthermore WTW offers useful accessories for mobile measurement Sensor armor: A pHLab/K: • Armor for pH electrodes with 120 mm glass shaft • Reduces danger of breakage when measuring in field and process A 925/K, A 925/S, A 925/K-P and A 925/S-P: • Armor for field applications for pressure resistant IDS sensors • Models for IDS sensors with and without plug head D3 Sen: • Perfect for pumping tests in the field • For up to three conventional...

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MultiLine® IDS Portable Meters - 8

Model Description Order No. Multi 3630 IDS Professional wireless ready digital multi meter for portable field measurement, with triple channel input, color 2FD570 graphic display incl. data logger and USB interfaces. Single instrument in a case with buffer 4 and 7, 3 mol/l KCl, conductivity standard, short instruction manual, CD-ROM, rechargeable batteries, driver software for USB, cable and universal power supply. Multi 3630 IDS SET F As above, meter in large field case set with IDS sensors: digital pH electrodes SenTix® 940, digital conductivity cell 2FD57F TetraCon® 925, optical DO probe...

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