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3D BOREHOLE GEOPHONE PASI MOD. GFA 50/100 GFA 50/100 3D borehole geophone is realized with 3x high sensitive geophones (nat.freq.10 Hz- 1 vertical and 2 horizontal sensors) oriented according to a triad of orthogonal Cartesian axes XYZ. Delivered with a cleat assembly to sustain its weight at the requested depth (GFA cable is graduated in meters), this borehole geophone has a pneumatic-mechanical clamping system. You will simply have to connect the air pump to the GFA panel and you will be ready to operate in the field: by inflating air at 23 bars, you will obtain the best coupling of the sensors to the borehole wall (diameter between 50 and 110mm. if used with the standard spacer block). The GFA is lightweight and easy to carry; the aluminium anodized case of the probe is suitable for field use and easy to maintain. Moreover, two GFA can be mounted one over the other by using the optional joining accessory. Applications: • DOWNHOLE • CROSSHOLE (with Mod.CHE seismic borohole energizer) • Vs30 Available Models: Mod. GFA-50 (with 50m of cable) Mod. GFA-100 (with 100m of cable) Specifications subject to change without notice P.A.S.I. S.R.L. — Via Galliari 5/E — 10125 Torino - Italy tel. +39 (0)11 6507033 - -

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