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3D-LAND GEOPHONE MOD. 3DLG-2 www.pasigeophysics.com The 3D Land Geophone Mod. 3DLG-2 is the ideal accessory to add to your seismic instrumentation and perform HVSR, MASW and Vibration Analysis. One vertical and two horizontal high- performing sensors - with 2Hz resonance frequency and properly coupled - are mounted in a robust waterproof case, delivered with adjustable feet and interchangeable spikes. 3DLG-2 has a connector that blocks the sensor elements to avoid damage during transportation. The system is supplied complete with connecting cable for the seismograph and a carrying case. APPLICATIONS: • HVSR • SURFACE WAVES (active and passive methods, Rayleigh & Love waves analysis) • VIBRATION MONITORING AND ANALYSIS • HO LI SURFACE® (data processing with third-party software) P.A.S.I. S.R.L. — Via Galliari 5/E — 10125 Torino - Italy tel. +39 (0)11 6507033 - sales@pasisrl.it - www.pasigeophysics.com

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