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GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS COMPLEMENTARY EQUIPMENTS • Loading & unloading tables by rollers or belt • Feeding magazine • Cutting on fluorescent chalk mark • Digital pusher • Cut optimization for less material loss • Manual stops, retractable pneumatically, digital control The data and technical features indicated in this document are prone to improvements or modifications and cannot engage our responsibility Sawing lines saws with retractable blade and PARVEAU mechanizations adapted Profitable machining* Internet : http:.''www.parveau.fr E.Mail : parveau@wanadoo.fr

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SPT ? TEP Cross cut sawing machines - 2

This compact machine allows to saw all your square- edged parts of standard sizes (see cutting diagram). It exists in 4 versions, for 4 specific applications : High points Pneumatic presser Safety guard pneumatic presser Safety guard Larger than the SPT, the TEP is destined to sawing large, planks, or wide wood parts. The stroke of the circular blade allows the sawing of 1m wide wood Bi-manual control Alignment ruler Work speed adjustment button Blade access cover Alignment ruler Pedal control Control console & electrical cabinet • SPT « P » with pedal : The SPT.P was designed for sawing...

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