CNC framing-drilling-screwing machine for mechanical assembling of wooden joinery


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CONTROL UNIT PARVEAU driving concept : A homogenous and evolutive system  By default, the control unit, placed in a separate cabinet, allows to pre-save 400 programs of joinery or to make a new program during the execution of a cycle. The micro-chip manages the movements on the X & Y axis, or a total of 5 axis (depending on model), and also the operational sequences. It’s possible to connect a computer to the office of production management.  The delay for the launching of a new program depends only on the distances to cover on the X & Y axis.  For more efficient applications, the computer can be connected to the internal network of the company, so the production start-up can be done via a CAD/ CAM system. The parts to be framed are recognized thanks to a bar code. It allows to initiate the right framing program. The entire system can also be connected to the PARVEAU computer system, for remote-maintenance. Framing-drilling-screwing unit Machining center automaton CNC framing-drilling-screwing machine for mechanical assembling of wooden joinery Framing automaton Framing machine LCD console N°1 Framing machine LCD console N°2 Via disc or internal network Computer cabinet Bureau utilisateur PARVEAU Telediagnosis & remote-maintenance Control panel equipped with a programming terminal Example of mechanical assembled joinery using the inserted screw technique that renders the joinery detachable. A flawed part or the glass can be changed. Control console equipped with a computer connected to the client’s GPAO. The left screen lists the programs. The right screen displays the dimensions of the joinery being framed. Example of a framing-drilling-screwing machine for fixed frames. Here, the drilling-screwing units are placed horizontally, the capacities are much more important : 2400 x 2500 mm. The hole drilling for the inserts is no longer necessary. The advantages of the mechanical assembling of wooden joinery are no longer to be proven : simplification of the assembly machining by counter-profiling, simplicity and quickness of the framing operation, that doesn’t requires any gluing, pressing, or recovery delay afterwards. Thanks to its framing experience, PARVEAU designed a CNC Framing-drilling-screwing machine, capable of assembling joineries of different sizes in less than a minute*. Destined to industrial joinery companies making single to medium serial productions, the PARVEAU CNC Framing-drilling-screwing machine, is the solution of the future for assembling. 33, Avenue de la Gare 19130 VIGNOLS F R A N C E Tél. +33 (0)5 55 25 80 01 Fax +33 (0)5 55 25 06 29 Internet : * drilling + screwing time/sec of a 4 piece opening frame : less than 30 seconds The data and technical features indicated in this document are prone to improvements or modifications and cannot engage our responsibility The feeding and evacuation time are not included E.Mail : info

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ASSEMBLING SYSTEM  The screw and plastic insert assembling system is similar to the one applied in the assembly of bed sides, tops and bottoms, in furnishing.  The parts are framed simply by applying pressure on the components.  The screwing is made automatically.  This principle allows part processing before the assembling. High points Screw loading hose, by air blow Electrical cabinet Drilling/screwing unit Brushless movement motor of the mobile cross bar (hight adjustment) Horizontal framing screwing machine with in-line automatic evacuation of the joineries. IN-LINE FRAMING MACHINE...

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