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TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS MAIN TOOL HOLDERS All the spindles have a pneumatic approach. Each one of them is carried by 2 digital axis: horizontal transversal travel 400 mm (axis Y), vertical travel 300 mm (axis Z). The grooves are made by the gripping clip of the pusher (axis X). The 3 axis are interpolar, 2 SIPCII- run dill i nprvui C>liniJu ln»lrj cyimikf liol« - Mrrtml million miifciia - iici clwp merkinR COMPLEMENTARY EQUIPMENT • Label printer • Sawing unit for « V » cutting and pointed sawing • Troubleshooting service and remote maintenance (modem and „PC Anywhere" software set up) Data and features indicated in this document may be modified and cannot engage our responsibility CD5 compact center miter cutting and machining for PUD winery grot lies CC5 CNC compact center for miter cutting and machining for PVC joinery profiles Today, Large series and time production must be re The personalization of the products of joineries became To meet all machining requirements, PARVEAU has de- signed a compact machining center with a capacity of Profitable machining* Internet: E.Mail :

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Strong points This modular machine allows any milling and drilling on the 4 faces of PVC profiles, as well as the miter and straight cutting, « V » cutting (option), and pointed cuts (option). A label printer helps the follow-up and the traceability of the parts (jet ink printer in option). Conveyor belt for waste end extraction (option) CNC pusher, from 0 m/min to180 m/min Sound-proof compact cabin The machine is equipped with 11 tool holders and can received up to 14. The potential production can be up to 90 windows per day with or without conveyor belt storage magazine. Electrical...

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