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TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS MAIN TOOL HOLDERS AIL BaHpjili vid cylinder ujiwvej Bok clu=|> ((roffiiet and hotcs BflU clnfp marking All the machining spindles have a pneumatic movement system. Each one is driven following 3 digital axis: horizontal longitudinal (effective travel: 300mm on axisX), horizontal transversal (effective travel: 180 mm on axis Y), vertical (effective travel: 180 mm on axis Z). COMPLEMENTARY EQUIPMENT • Debris extraction belt • Vertical digitalization of the pusher grips • Computer module allowing to use the profile-end debris • Remote maintenance & troubleshooting (modem card & PC Anywhere installation program) • Saw blade angularity: variable at ± 60° Center represented with profile entry on the left. Exists also in version with profile entry on the The data & technical features in this documents are prone to improvements or modifications and cannot engage our responsibility M3 cutting* machining CMC compact center for Aluminum joinery pro files AL3 cutting & machining CNC compact center for aluminum joinery profiles Today, production series are more and more reduced. The same goes for the deadlines. The personalization of the products of joineries became To meet all machining needs, PARVEAU has designed a range of compact with a capacity from 30 to 40 win- Profitable machining* Internet: E.Mail :

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CONCEPT This modular machine allows any drilling and milling High points Conveyor belt for waste extraction (option) Sound-proof cabin Electrical cabinet on the 4 sides of the aluminum profile and also cutting at an angle going from - 45 ° to + 45°. A label printer at the exit allows part identification & traceability. The machine is equipped in its standard version by 4 NC pusher going from 0 to 120 m/min. tool holders and can bear op to 14, optionally. Its potential production can go up to 40 joineries/day (7 hours). Security fence Recovery storage unit for the machined parts Thanks to...

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