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Parr Instrument Company Cell Disruption Vessels Cell Disruption by Nitrogen Decompression 4635 Designing and Building Quality Pressure Apparatus for 120 Years

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Cell Disruption by Nitrogen Decompression A rapid and effective way to; - Homogenize cells and tissues - Release intact organelles - Prepare cell membranes - Release labile biochemicals - Produce uniform and repeatable homogenates without subjecting the sample to extreme chemical or physical stress. A Widely Accepted Method Cell disruption by rapid decompression from a pressure vessel has been used for many years by investigators who wanted to overcome the limitations imposed by other cell disruption procedures. Although the technique is not new, interest in the decompression method and...

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Cell Disruption Vessels in Five Convenient Sizes Parr stainless steel vessels for processing cell suspensions by the nitrogen decompression method are made in several sizes with full opening heads and selfsealing closures which can be handled easily on any laboratory bench without special tools or fixtures. Each vessel has two valves and a pressure gage: one valve for charging with nitrogen and the other for withdrawing the homogenate and discharging it through an attached delivery tube. All of the fittings as well as the vessel itself are made of stainless steel with polished surfaces for...

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Easy Access to Vessel Chamber Each of these vessels, except the small 45 mL size, has a split-ring closure - an exclusive Parr design which allows the vessel to be opened or closed easily without disturbing any of the fittings or connecting lines attached to the head. In this closure two ring sections slide into place from the sides of the vessel to lock the head in position while a selfsealing O-ring maintains a tight seal at all pressures. The ring sections are secured by a steel retaining band which is raised from the bottom of the vessel and anchored with a single, hand-tightened screw....

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Operating Procedures perating procedures for the Parr Cell Disruption Vessel can be adjusted to suit individual requirements. The procedures described here will be suitable for most applications, but they are not intended to be either complete or restrictive. Operators will develop refinements which produce the best results with their particular materials, while still observing the basic vessel handling instructions and safety precautions described below. Preparing the Cell Suspension Individual cells such as lymphocytes, leukocytes, tissue culture cells or very fragile bacterial cells will...

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Equilibrium Sufficient time must be allowed for the nitrogen to dissolve and come to equilibrium within the cells. Periods as short as five minutes may be sufficient for small samples, while longer times up to thirty minutes may be required for larger samples. Stirring with a magnetic bar placed in the bottom of the vessel will accelerate this process, particularly when working with large samples. Stirring will also hold the cells in a uniform suspension. Since these vessels are made of a non-magnetic stainless steel, the stirrer bar can be driven by simply placing the vessel on a magnetic...

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be cell-free, while numerous cell clumps were observed in the pestle and tube homogenate. Electron microscopy of the microsomal pellets showed the particles to be smaller and more uniform in size for the decompression method. In summary, these authors stated that the nitrogen decompression method was more efficient and probably less variable than the Teflon pestle and glass tube methods. Comparison with pestle and tube methods. In an application at the Veterans Administration Research Hospital in Chicago, a homogenate that had required eight hours to produce with the pestle and tube was...

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Parr Instrument Company (Parr) combustion bombs, calorimeters, reactors, pressure vessels and associated products are designed and manufactured only for use by or under the direct supervision of trained professionals in accordance with specifications and instructions for use supplied with the products. For that reason, Parr sells only to professional users or distributors to such users. Parr produces precision equipment and associated products which are not intended for general commercial use. EXCLUSIVE WARRANTY To the extent allowed by law, the express and limited warranties herein are the...

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