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Pneumatic Catalogue Quick Coupling Systems for Pneumatic and Fluid Handling

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The right solution for every sector. Whether under water, in aerospace, on the high seas, on the street, or in industry – our quick connect coupling systems are at home in many domains and represent the right solution in numerous technical applications. The modular structure of our series allows you to benefit from a wide standard range, which includes a suitable system for most applications – just-in-time goes without saying

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Pneumatic Catalogue - 3

Hose Connection TF = Hose Barb TH = Hose Barb 45° TR = Hose Barb 90° TZ = Straight shaft parallel TP = Parker Push-Lok PH = Parker Push-Lok 45° PR = Parker Push-Lok 90° TS = Panel Mount with Hose Barb TD = Hose Barb DIN EN 560 TE = Front Panel Installation, Hose Barb Panel Mount Plastic Tube Connection KO = with Hose Nut, without spring guard KR = 90° KO - connection KS = Panel mounted, without spring guard KK = with spring guard KE = Front panel installation with KO - connection KP = Plastic tube connection (hard plastic hoses, only for RECTUCHEM) Other Connections KL = Insert for plug-in...

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Pneumatic Catalogue - 4

Stainless Steel Brass / Steel Series Series 02 Series 50 Series 20 Series 17 Series 21 Series 1100 Series 14 Series 18 Series 19 Series 22 Series 1400 Series 24 Series 52 Series 26 Series 1300 Series 13 Series 25 Series 1600 Series 1625 Series 33 Series 30 Series 40 Series 27 Series 1700 Series 1727 Series 1800 Series 34 Series 41 Series 42 Series 37 Series 57 Series 1900 Series 29 Series 38 Series 39 Series 70 Series 2100 Series 20 Series 303 Series 21 Series 1300 Series 25 Series 27 Series 1800 Series 70

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Pneumatic Catalogue - 6

General Information coupling quickly and safely with one hand. The development of the single-hand quick connect coupling made a decisive contribution to improving work safety and functionality. In order to create a connection, the plug is simply pushed into the coupling. This causes the sleeve to spring forward and lock automatically. When uncoupling, the sleeve is pushed back with one hand and the connection is disengaged with no problem whatsoever. The following four valve designs are available for selection for different applications: Straight-Through These coupling systems work with no...

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Pneumatic Catalogue - 7

The valve design is the linchpin of any coupling system and it is essentially responsible for the flow / pressure loss on a coupling. Depending on the medium and application, General Information The Difference Lies in the Valve. the use of a system with optimised valve technology can save a great deal of energy, e.g. in the supply to compressed air tools. Higher Flow, Lower Pressure Drop This symbol identifies all Quick Connect Couplers with an Ultra High Flow Valve. This flow-optimized valve ensures higher flow rates combined with lower pressure drop in your compressed air system. And thus...

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Pneumatic Catalogue - 8

General Information Know-How that Saves Hard Cash. In the age of rationalisation even in compressed air technology, the optimisation of systems is an important tool to improve energy efficiency. Correctly designed, complete systems from the compressor to the tool and a correctly dimensioned conduit system with no leaks save hard cash here. For over six decades now, we have devoted ourselves to the industrial handling of compressed air with professional systems and we are therefore intimately acquainted with the weak points of compressed air systems. When planning a compressed air system,...

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Pneumatic Catalogue - 9

General Information Industrial Sectors/ Application Areas You know your applications, we know the right coupling system! Compressed Air Air Breathing Air Gases Liquid Gases Water* Liquid Media* Aggressive Media Chemicals Machinery/Systems Manufacturing Welding Molding Automation Robotics Textile Industry Medical Equipment Food and Beverage Industry Chemical Industry Pharmaceutical Industry Laboratory Analysis Technology Steel Manufacturing Rafineries Paper Production Rescue and Safety Aerospace Technology Shipyards Semiconductor Technology Laser Technology Nuclear Power * only systems with...

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Pneumatic Catalogue - 10

General Information SEALING AND ACCURACY. A coupling system is always as good as its sealing components. That is why we only use top quality, proven standards, which have been tried and tested time and again. For special applications, please also ask our specialist advisers, as an important criterium for functionality of an O-ring is the type of medium in relation to its temperature. RectuLoc This innovative sealing method is available for all standard shut-off products with a tapered external thread. It consists of a sealant applied directly to the thread. The connection is simply merely...

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Pneumatic Catalogue - 11

Plug Profil: ISO 6150 B Standard-Series Self-Venting Series Self-Venting Series Plug Profile: Europe Standard-Series Self-Venting Series 27SF * Steel zinc plated Plug Profile: Walther Plug Profile: Scandinavia 1100SF General Information Plug Profile: Asia Plug Profile: Atlas Copco Plug Profile: Aro Standard-Series Self-Venting Series Pictures are smaller than actual products.

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Pneumatic Catalogue - 12

General Information We set standards in quality and safety. Around the world, highly qualified specialists work every day to guarantee and optimise the quality of our products. Nothing will deter them from the high demands they set themselves – as all employees know, we can retain our top international position only through constant top performance. With the aid of controlled manufacturing processes and the latest precision technology, it is the person – as a creative and experienced technician, seller and customer adviser – who is responsible for this. All stages of production are subject...

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Pneumatic Catalogue - 13

Our standard catalogue range offers the right coupling system for most application areas. Many of these standard items come from previous special solutions, which we have subsequently integrated into series production. Developing special solutions for particular tasks is one of our strengths – and an advantage that you can use at any time. Our competent specialists will be happy to visit you to establish your specific requirements and wishes. We will then recommend adaptation of one of our standard products or the new design of a bespoke, individual solution for you. Ultimately, we will...

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