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Sizes 1/8ה 4֔ Metals H Series Quick Disconnect Couplingsare available in four metals ז steel, brass, aluminum and 316 stainless steel. A variety of protective finishes are available. Please consult factory. Seal Versatility Wide choice of standardand special seal materials enable the H, IH & PH series to handle a great variety of fluids. Sleeve Lock ח Sleeve lock option aids inpreventing accidental disconnection of the coupling. To disconnect, align the pin in the body with the slot in the sleeve and retract sleeve. (Valve & Valve) Quick DisconnectLow Pressure Drop The two-piece bodyconstruction permits larger flow passages than the designated size of the coupling, permitting greater flow while maintaining low pressure drop and provides end fitting versatility. Smooth Flow ח Snap-tites ғJet Stream valve design helps maintain a clean linear flow. Positive positioningof the valve aids in maintaining a steady, even flow under normal working conditions. Flow on Connection ԗ Valves are designed to automatically open in both the coupler and nipple halveswhen the unit is connected permitting maximum free flow. Shut-off On Disconnection Valves are designed to automatically close under normal usage conditionsin both the coupler and nipple halves when the unit is disconnected. Fast Efficient Operation ח Connect or disconnect in seconds. To connect, pull back the sleeve, insert thenipple into the coupler and release the sleeve. To disconnect, pull back the sleeve, remove the nipple and the halves are disconnected. Dependable Operation Ball-lock mechanism provides positive connection. Hardened stainless steelballs along with a radiused and induction hardened (steel) ball race gives extended life to the H Series couplings. Positive Sealing Connected ח Two types of seals are available with H Series quick disconnects. Molded U-Packer Seal Optional Seal (-9) Can be supplied as standard in place of the U-Packer seal in steel and stainless steelconstruction in sizes 1/4֔ thru 1-1/4. Designed for use with high pressure, multiple-cycle hydraulic or pneumatic applications, the seal set consists of a standard O-ring and a Teflon back-up ring. This seal configuration prevents the seal from extruding under multiple-cycle high flow and pressure surge applications. Ԗ Standard for all sizes; provides contact over several times the normal O-ring sealingarea. The unique U-packer seal design embodies a self-energizing feature that permits a positive seal at all pressures. The design also enables the coupling to seal under adverse conditions such as side load, scratches on the nipple from usage abuse or dirt onthe nipple. Positive Sealing Disconnected The metal to metal contact of the valve with the coupler or nipplebody is designed to control compression of the valve seal eliminating wear and increasing seal life. > 2 size="-1">

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