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Transair® Advanced Pipe Systems for Industrial Fluids Compressed Air - Vacuum - Inert Gas - industrial Water and Oil ENGINEERING YOUR SUCCESS

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TRANSAIR®, FROM THE TECHNICAL ROOM Technical Room Main Ring Secondary Ring Industrial Water Aluminium Drop

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Stainless Steel Drop Isolation Valve

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ALUMINIUM RANGE STAINLESS STEEL RANGE • Stainless Steel Pipe AISI 304 or 316L • Calibrated Aluminium Pipe Qualicoat Painting • Diameters (in mm) 16.5 - 25 - 40 - 50 - 63 - 76 - 100 - 168 • Colours Available in blue - grey - green Other colours upon request • Maximum Working Pressure1 • 16 bar (-20°C to 45°C) up to 100 mm • 13 bar (-20°C to 60°C) for all diameters • 7 bar ( -20°C to 85°C) for all diameters • Vacuum Level 99% (10 mbar absolute pressure) • Working Temperature -20°C to 85°C • Diameters (in mm) 22 - 28 - 42 - 60 - 76 - 100 • Maximum Working Pressure1 • 10 bar (-20°C to 60°C) for...

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Transair®, a business unit of Parker Hannifin Corporation p. 4 to 7 The largest offer of Tools and p. 12 - 13 Services The Quality Benchmark p. 14 - 15 TRANSAIR® ALUMINIUM RANGE For Compressed Air, Vacuum and Inert Gas p.17 Technical Information Product Range Installation Guide TRANSAIR® STAINLESS STEEL RANGE for Industrial Water and Oil, Compressed Air, Vacuum and Inert Gas p.113 Technical Information Product Range Installation Guide Stainless Steel Drops Parker Products from the Technical Room to the Heart of Production Index

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A Business Unit of Parker Hannifin Corporation Parker Hannifin is the world leader in motion and control technologies, working as a partner with its customers to increase their productivity and profitability. Within Parker, Transair® is the business unit specialising in projects for industrial fluids networks.

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TRANSAIR® HISTORY Transair® The Original Modular Pipework System for Industrial Buildings 1996 Creation of the Transair® pipework system 16.5, 25 and 40mm Transair®, the original modular pipework system utilising aluminium pipe and quick connectors, was launched in 1996. Since then, with more than 20 years experience, continual improvements have been made to meet the needs of compressed air, inert gas, vacuum networks and other industrial fluids. Specialising in air network projects, Transair® fits perfectly into the Parker Group's development policy and demonstrates its capacity for...

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The Best System for Industrial Fluids A Technology with Multiple Assets Transair® is the ideal solution for all compressed air, inert gas, vacuum and industrial fluid networks, by combining adaptability, quick installation, high performance and durability, while improving the profitability and reducing the related maintenance and operating costs of your networks. Quick • o need to weld, glue or crimp. N • ightweight for easy handling. L • Ready-to-use. Cost Effective • Optimised installation, labour and operation costs. • Sustainability of equipment and filtration devices. • Corrosion-free...

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Transair® is Suitable for Most Business Sectors Recognised for its performance, Transair® is installed, from the technical room to the points of use, in most industrial sectors, such as: FOOD & BEVERAGE PLASTIC INDUSTRY TEXTILE INDUSTRY LABORATORIES/ PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY For All Types of Projects Transair® is the best choice to retrofit old networks Transair® is the best choice for a new installation or extension Transair® is the economical, reliable and efficient alternative to traditional steel networks. Change old steel pipe network for Transair® to optimise your operation costs and...

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Industrial Applications • Aeronautics (autoclaves) • Packaging (gripping of packaging for industry) • Soil remediation • Paper industry • Textile (weaving and spinning applications) • Tobacco industry • Vacuum Performance: 10 mbar in absolute pressure • Air Quality: ISO 8573 : 2001 & 2010 Class 1.1.1. - Diameters up to 168 mm to meet all requirements - Full flow connection for a better aspiration - Big diameters for a maximum flow on the machine connections - Optimum sealing to guarantee the proper functioning of the machines - Different colours of pipe for easy network identification -...

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Transair® for Inert Gas Industrial Applications • • • • • • Microbulk gas distribution systems Plasma cutting applications Robotic installations Manual and automated welding operations Agri-food (inerting of food products) Laboratories Transair® Advantages for Inert Gas Applications: - Suited for applications with: nitrogen, argon, CO2 and their mix (exhaustive list upon request) - 99,99 % purity with nitrogen (100 ppm oxygen) - Air quality ISO 8573 : 2001 & 2010 Class 1.1.1. - Transair® materials allow to maintaint the quality of the conveyed gas - Optimum sealing of Transair® connectors...

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Transair® For Technical Rooms Transair® has developed a range of products designed to meet the specific requirements of technical rooms, such as reduced space and the need for equipment maintenance operations, while preserving the historic advantages of Transair®: speed and ease of installation, flexibility, modularity, safety and performance. All these products are made of aluminium and meet the requirements of ISO 8573: 2001 & 2010 Class 1.1.1, guaranteeing non-contamination of the fluid by solid particles, water, humidity or oil.

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Transair® also Available in NPT/ANSI Transair® also offers its range of products, pipes and fittings, in NPT/ANSI version, for the North American market in particular. Feel free to contact us for more information on these references: Available in diameters from ½" to 6", Transair® significantly reduces the plant's energy costs by increasing energy efficiency, reducing pressure drops and eliminating leaks. Transair® compressed air systems integrate into existing copper and steel systems without compromising performance, making them ideal for building retrofit or...

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