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Check Valves CPIFF Series Soft Seat CPIFF Series Soft Seat Check Valves provide a positive shut off to prevent reverse flow. CPIFF Series check valves are designed to protect hydraulic systems from fluid back pressure. The poppet is streamlined with minimum restriction of flow in one direction. Flow is blocked in the reverse direction as the soft seat creates a leak free seal in the closed position. These in-line unidirectional valves are available in sizes 1/4” to 1” with a pressure rating up to 5000 psi. Standard spring crack pressures are shown in the part number table. Other crack pressures available upon request. Features 1. Fluorocarbon poppet seal is standard. 2. Steel construction Flow Rate (l/min) Seal Options (add code to part number) Code Poppet Seal Material Hydraulic Oil @ 100°C, Fully Open 3. Optional crack pressures available on request Hydraulic Oil @ 38°C, Fully Open Ethylene Propylene CPIFF Series Part Numbers Valve Size Part Number Inlet and Outlet Port Threads (Female) Wrench Flats Standard Seal Material Parker Hannifin Corporation Quick Coupling Division Minneapolis, MN www.parker.com/quickcouplings

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