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Quick Disconnect Couplings & Hydraulic Valves

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jfHheut Comprami* Since 1935, the Quick Disconnect and Valve Division of Snap-tite Inc., has offered more combinations, sizes, and types of quick disconnect couplings than any other manufacturer in the world today. Hundreds of markets and industries depend on our couplings' ability to perform under the most demanding conditions. From the ocean floor to the very edges of our solar system, Snap-tite quick disconnects set the industry standard. Our strength is providing expert solutions matched to the needs of each customer... highly consistent quality in exactly the right product, delivered...

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Applications: Hydraulic, chemical service, ideal for test stands and applications where endurance and cleanliness is a • Ball-locking, push-to-connect construction • Flush face design allows for easier contaminant • Flush valve virtually eliminates fluid loss and air • Dirt tolerant, heavy duty construction withstands abusive treatment 0» Superior flow characteristics and low pressure drop • Plated steel or 316 stainless steel constructionf Applications: Construction & mobile equipment, hydraulic hand tools, in-plant hydraulics - anywhere a drybreak is required for cleanliness or where...

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Applications: Oil well equipment, sand and salt spreaders, dump and demolition trailers, live bed trailers and other heavy duty applications. • Heavy duty wing nut or hex nut for easy connection • Interchangeable with Aeroquip FD51 and others • Minimal spillage and air inclusion • Bonded valve seal permits connecting and disconnecting without seal washout • Brass construction Applications: Low pressure hydraulic systems, high purity systems, fuel systems, electronic coolant and high reliability systems. Lightweight drybreak coupling Compact ball-lock design with push-to-connect Color coded...

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Applications: Hydraulic circuits, test stands, and Hydrotesting for for offshore drilling and production platforms. • Superior flow characteristics • Internal safety sleeve-lock prevents accidental • Heavy duty construction • Proven dog-lock mechanism provides safe, positive connection • Various end fittings available including Autoclave • Plated steel or stainless steel constructionf Subsea Couplings Snap-tite has designed and manufactured couplings for the Offshore Oil and Gas industry for use in a variety of applications from blowout preventors to the control modules, and distribution of...

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Applications: General purpose, plastic molding, machine tool, test equipment, agricultural, Department of Transportation, mobile • Traditional ball-locking two-piece construction allows end fitting versatility • Lowest pressure drop for size • Smallest envelope size for size • Smooth jet stream valve design • IH Option for reciprocating, pulsating and rotary motion air tools (single shut-off • PH Option for connection against static hydraulic pressure (one side only) • Plated steel, brass, aluminum or 316 stainless steel constructionf • Double and single shut-off, or straight through...

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Applications: General purpose, plastic molding, machine tool, test equipment, Department of Transportation, mobile • Interchangeable with other standard ISO 7241-1 • Proven ball-lock mechanism for positive connection • Meets or exceeds ISO 7241-1 Series B performance • Exceeds pressure and flow characteristics of • Plated steel, brass, 303 or 316 stainless steel • Double shut-off Applications: Hydraulic tools and rescue equipment. • Interchangeable with Parker 3000 Series and others • Zero leak soft seat poppet valves • Exceeds flow and pressure characteristics of competitors ball designs •...

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Applications: Snow plows, agriculture, forestry, construction equipment, oil tools, steel mills. • Interchangeable with Parker 4000 Series • Proven ball-lock mechanism for positive connection • Superior pressure and flow characteristics • Choice of seal materials to handle a variety of fluids • Plated steel constructionf • Double shut-off Applications: General purpose, plastic molding, machine tool, test equip- ment, agriculture, Department of Transportation, mobile hydraulics. • Dimension and performance requirements conform • Dimension requirements conform to ISO 5675 • Proven ball-lock...

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Applications: Used with a wide variety of chemicals and cryogenic fluids. For frozen food processing, liquid nitrogen • Kei F® or PTFE seals available • Stainless steel or optional exotic alloy construction • Valve configurations - available with double or single shut-off valving or straight through as required Applications: Aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, ketones, ethers, strong caustics, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid and many other highly corrosive materials as well as cryogenic service. • Minimal pressure drop • Tubular valve design • Dependable ball-locking operation • Optional sleeve...

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Applications: Water jetting, water blasting systems. • Heavy duty construction • Positive locking collar prevents accidental • Various end fittings available including Autoclave • Proven ball-locking mechanism provides positive • Stainless steel construction • Double shut-off or straight through Applications: Rugged, high pressure equipment used for removal of mill scale or paint, cleaning of maritime vessels and equipment. • Proven dog-lock mechanism provides safe, positive connection & eliminates ball brinnelling • Safety sleeve lock protects against accidental • Interchangeable with...

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Snap-tite continues to introduce to the CNG industry the latest innovative designs including our newest release, the Dispenser Hose Breakaway, which helps to protect the CNG dispenser and the vehicle in the event of a drive- away. Snap-tite is also an AGA/CGA NGV-1 supplier of certified Receptacles, Nozzles and Check Valves. • Balanced design of dispenser hose breakaway maintains a positive connection until a breakaway • Breakaway nipple is equipped with a durable polyethylene bumper to protect the nipple form in the • Rugged, corrosion resistant construction of all • Patented safety...

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