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Spectrometry Products for LC-MS ENGINEERING YOUR SUCCESS.

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Spectrometry Products for LC-MS - 2

Purity & Performance Offering a wide range of advantages over traditional cylinder gas supply, gas generators are increasingly becoming the popular choice in many laboratories. Consistent, reliable purity A steady, safe supply of high-purity gases is essential to guarantee precise results in analytical techniques such as chromatography, spectroscopy, and spectrometry. Gas purity can vary significantly from cylinder to cylinder, and impurities can be introduced via pipework during a changeover. In contrast, on-site gas generators supply consistently high-purity gas, prevent variations and...

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Spectrometry Products for LC-MS - 3

The Parker ALIGN™ Series of multi-gas generators feature state-of-the-art variable frequency controllers that provide energy savings along with reduced heat and whisper-quiet operation. Its compact design allows for it to easily fit under the laboratory bench while supplying the highest quality, LCMS-grade nitrogen, dry air and zero air available today. This series of gas generators was specifically designed to meet the needs of SCIEX instruments, providing high-purity streams of curtain, source, and exhaust gases. The Multi-Gas is tested and approved for mass spectrometer models through...

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Spectrometry Products for LC-MS - 4

NitroFlow Lab With NitroFlow Lab, LC-MS grade nitrogen is produced with output pressures of up to 116 psig, utilizing a combination of compressors, carefully matched with filtration and membrane separation technology components. The NitroFlow Lab delivers a continuous, on-demand supply of nitrogen making it a safe, reliable alternative to liquid nitrogen dewars. Ambient air from the laboratory enters the generator through an inlet filter which removes organic and particulate impurities. This purified air is then compressed by a long-life, low pressure compressor and fed to a proprietary...

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Spectrometry Products for LC-MS - 5

Applications: • LC-MS • Nebulizer gases • Chemical solvent • iFunnel evaporation • ELSD NitroFlow 60 The Parker NitroFlow 60 is a self-contained generator that produces up to 60 slpm of pure LC-MS grade nitrogen at pressures of up to 100 psig. The NitroFlow 60 produces nitrogen utilizing a combination of a rotary scroll compressor and high-efficiency nitrogen membrane separation technology. Rotary scroll compressors operate at low temperatures, have fewer moving parts and are significantly quieter than piston compressors used by other nitrogen generator manufacturers. This unique...

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Spectrometry Products for LC-MS - 6

N2 Series Nitrogen Generators This nitrogen gas generator produces a continuous, on-demand supply of nitrogen using a high-efficiency filtration system and membrane separation technology. It pre-treats compressed air to remove contaminants down to 0.01 micron and subsequently hollow fiber membranes separate the clean air into a concentrated nitrogen output stream and an oxygen enriched permeate stream, which is vented from the system. • No electricity required • Compact design frees up valuable laboratory floor space • Phthalate-free, no organic vapors • Unlike PSA technology, membrane will...

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Spectrometry Products for LC-MS - 8

AGS Series High-Flow PSA Nitrogen GeneratorsAGS200, AGS400, AGS500 & AGS600 Parker PSA Nitrogen Generators utilize a combination of filtration and pressure swing adsorption technologies and are designed to continually transform standard compressed air into nitrogen at safe, regulated pressures without operator attention. By raising and lowering the pressure within the carbon molecular sieve (CMS) bed, all contaminants are captured and released, leaving the CMS unchanged. This process allows the nitrogen to pass through as a product gas at pressure. The depressurization phase of the CMS...

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Spectrometry Products for LC-MS - 10

NITROSourcePart of the MAXIGAS Range Advanced technology nitrogen gas generator for industry leading performance; an ideal solution for expanding labs with multiple MS instruments. With unique design and advanced energy saving technology at its core the market leading NITROSource nitrogen gas generator requires less compressed air to generate more nitrogen. Together with substantially lower servicing costs, reduced downtime and a longer working life, it adds up to the most cost-efficient nitrogen supply available; significantly more affordable than traditional sources, and it delivers huge...

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Spectrometry Products for LC-MS - 11

Performance data is based on 102 psi g air inlet pressure and 68°F - 77°F (20°C - 25°C) ambient temperature. Consult Parker for performance under specific conditions Inlet Parameters Weights and Dimensions Inlet Air Quality Environmental Parameters Ambient Temp. Electrical Parameters Generator Supply Port Connections Air Inlet Model Height Width Depth Packed Weights and Dimensions Model Height

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Aerospace Filtration Division Greensboro, North Carolina 336 668 4444 Bioscience & Water Filtration Division Bioscience Filtration Oxnard, California 877 784 2234 Water Purification Carson, California 310 608 5600 Engine Mobile Aftermarket Division Kearney, Nebraska 308 234 1951 Engine Mobile Original Equipment Division Modesto, California 209 521 7860 HVAC Filtration Division Jeffersonville, Indiana 866 247 4827 Hydraulic & Fuel Filtration Division Metamora, Ohio 419 644 4311 Industrial Gas Filtration & Generation Division Lancaster, NY 800 343 4048 Industrial Process Filtration Division...

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