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Noise Pollution in the Laboratory


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Noise Pollution in the Laboratory Peter Froehlich, PhD aerospace climate control electromechanical filtration fluid & gas handling hydraulics pneumatics process control sealing & shielding ENGINEERING YOUR SUCCESS.

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Abstract The overall level of noise in a laboratory depends on a number of factors including the location of the laboratory, the materials used in construction of the building as well as the instrumentation and equipment used to carry out the tasks of the facility. Since high noise levels can lead to a variety of medical issues for laboratory personnel and are regulated by government agencies, the laboratory manager must develop strategies to reduce the noise level to an acceptable level. In addition, excessive noise levels can lead to potential hazards due to misunderstood verbal...

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an LC or GC) and the overall instantaneous noise level is a sum of all of the devices in the facility. b) Extraneous Noise - In addition to the noise generated by various devices in the laboratory, additional noise is generated by devices in the laboratory that are not directly related to the function of the lab. Noise from radios, piped in music and telephones is present in many laboratories. c) Laboratory Design Considerations - The construction parameters of the laboratory may have a significant impact on the noise level. Since many laboratory facilities are constructed using reinforced...

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Alternatively, Nitrogen generators that employ an oil-less rotary scroll system (e.g. the Nitroflow60 Parker Balston, Haverhill MA) can significantly reduce the noise compared to other compressor designs. The oil-less rotary scroll system consists of two identical spirals; that are offset 180° with respect to the other so the scrolls mesh. One scroll is orbited around the fixed scroll, trapping and compressing gas pockets as the pockets move to the center of the fixed scroll. The compressed gas is discharged from the pump through the center outlet to an air-cooled after cooler on the scroll...

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