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Gas Generators for Total Organic Carbon (TOC)


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Gas Generators for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) TOC Gas Generators Parker TOC Gas Generators produce carrier and combustion gas from an existing compressed air supply for TOC instruments, eliminating the need to purchase expensive, inconvenient, high pressure cylinders of air, nitrogen, or oxygen. Product Features: • Ensures consistent, reliable, TOC operation and reduces instrument service and maintenance costs • Compact design frees up valuable laboratory floor space • Purity meets or exceeds all TOC manufacturer’s gas purity requirements • Easy installation The generators utilize catalytic oxidation and pressure swing adsorption technologies to remove hydrocarbons to 0.05 ppm (measured as methane), CO2 to 1 ppm, water vapor to 1 ppm, and CO to 1 ppm. • Operational display shows system status at a glance • Requires minimal annual maintenance Baselines of THC Analyzer and CO2 Content Analyzer after 5 hours supplied by a Parker TOC Gas Generator Baseline Supplied by a Parker TOC Gas Generator THC Baseline Chart Time inTime in Hours Hours Time in Time in Hours Ho

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Principal Specifications Model Ordering Information for assistance, call 800-343-4048 © 2022 Parker Hannifin Corporation Parker Parker Hannifin Corporation Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division 242 Neck Road Haverhill, MA 01835 Phone 800 343 4048 State of California ONLY WARNING: Proposition 65 The products described herein can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. ^_For more information: / ENGINEERING YOUR SUCCESS.

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