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Chromatography Product Brochure - 1

Chromatography Product Brochure

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Chromatography Product Brochure - 2

Hydrogen Generators for Fuel Gas ChromGas H2F Series Parker’s ChromGas H2F hydrogen gas generators provide an optimal blend of safety, reliability, and performance. They employ proven Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) cell technology to generate high-purity hydrogen on-demand from deionized water and electricity, maintaining low pressure and minimal stored volume. Our cutting-edge control system enhances user-friendliness, offering unparalleled operational safety and dependability. With the optional Remote Monitoring Module, users gain the ability to visually oversee and manage their ChromGas...

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Chromatography Product Brochure - 3

Hydrogen Generators for Fuel and Carrier Gas H-MD & H2PEMPD Series The Parker hydrogen generator is an excellent source of ultra pure, dry hydrogen for a wide range of laboratory uses. The H-MD and H2PEMPD series generators are used extensively with gas chromatographs, as fuel gas for flame ionization detectors (FID), reaction gas for Hall detectors, and carrier gas to ensure absolute repeatability of retention times. In high sensitivity trace hydrocarbon analyzers and air pollution monitors, the hydrogen produced ensures the lowest possible background noise. H-MD Series The H-MD series...

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Chromatography Product Brochure - 4

H2PEMPD Series The Parker H2PEMPD series of hydrogen generators use a proton exchange membrane (PEM) with microprocessor controls to produce hydrogen on-demand. It’s maintenance-free palladium purifier module removes oxygen down to <0.01 ppm, moisture down to <1.0 ppm, while only 100 mL of hydrogen gas is stored in the system at any time. For larger gas supply requirements, up to 32 hydrogen generators can be banked together using Parker’s cascading, load balancing technology. Data logging of gas generator performance is incorporated for use in regulated environments where system validation...

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Chromatography Product Brochure - 5

H-MD & H2PEMPD Series Principal Specifications

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Chromatography Product Brochure - 6

FID Gas Stations Designed to provide fuel gas and support air to 5-6 flame ionization detectors, flame photometric detectors, or total hydrocarbon analyzers, Parker FID Gas Stations provide both hydrogen gas and zero grade air to FID detectors on gas chromatographs. Hydrogen gas is produced from deionized water using a proton exchange membrane cell. The gas stations’ generator compartment utilizes the principle of electrolytic dissociation of water and hydrogen proton conduction through the membrane, and supplies up to 250 cc/min of 99.9995% pure hydrogen with pressures to 60 psig. The zero...

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Chromatography Product Brochure - 7

Principal Specifications

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Chromatography Product Brochure - 8

Zero Air GeneratorsChromGas ZAG Series Parker’s ChromGas ZAG generators provide a continuous stream of hydrocarbon free air from an external dry compressed air source, offering superior limits of detection over and above other modes of supply. Flow rates range from 3.5 L/min to 30 L/min and can support up to 75 flame detectors. When combined with ChromGas H2F, the system forms a modular FID gas station suitable for all known GC combustion detectors such as FID, FPD, and NPD. Its state-of-the-art control system, elevates both user-friendliness and performance monitoring. UHP organic free air...

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Chromatography Product Brochure - 9

Model 75-82S The Parker Model 75-82S Zero Air Generator produces up to 1,000 cc/min. of high-purity zero. Using state-of-the-art catalytic technology, the generator continuously converts compressed air into zero-grade air, at safe regulated pressures, and can be used as fuel air to process GC-FIDs, and zero grade gas /zero reference for analytical instruments. Its housing is a standard Crouse-Hinds® flame-proof enclosure designed to operate in a class 1, division 1, groups B, C, or D environment and its internals are all stainless steel. Zero grade air is produced by means of catalytic...

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Chromatography Product Brochure - 10

Model UHPN2-1100 The UHPN2 Nitrogen Generator is designed to convert standard compressed air into nitrogen with purities up to 99.9999%, far exceeding the specification of UHP cylinder gas. It produces up to 1.1 lpm of UHP nitrogen gas utilizing a combination of state-of-the art purification and premier filtration technologies that includes high-efficiency coalescing pre-filters and a 0.01 micron (absolute) membrane filter. Oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor are removed via pressure swing adsorption technology and a catalyst module oxidizes hydrocarbons from the inlet air supply. The...

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Chromatography Product Brochure - 11

Flow Table Principal Specifications Inlet Air Maximum Max. Outlet Pressure Outlet Flow Pressure (psig) (mL/min.) (psig) 125 1100 85 Purity specification for Nitrogen does not include Argon concentration.

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Chromatography Product Brochure - 12

Nitrogen on demand, up to 5,000 mL/min UHPZN2 & UHPN2 Series Parker Zero Nitrogen and Nitrogen Generators convert a standard compressed air supply to nitrogen gas with purities up to 99.9995% and <0.1ppm of hydrocarbons using industry-leading filtration and pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. Standard compressed air is filtered by high-efficiency coalescing filters to remove all contaminants down to 0.01 micron. The air then passes through two columns filled with proprietary carbon molecular sieve which adsorbs oxygen, carbon dioxide, moisture and hydrocarbons, which are desorbed to...

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Chromatography Product Brochure - 13

Principal Specifications

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Chromatography Product Brochure - 14

Principal Specifications

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Chromatography Product Brochure - 15

Gas Generators NitroVap-ILV & -2LV Parker NitroVap Nitrogen Generators provide clean, ultra-dry dewpoint evaporator grade nitrogen at high output flows from any standard laboratory compressed air source. Nitrogen is produced by utilizing a combination of filtration and membrane separation technologies. A high-efficiency prefiltration system pretreats the compressed air to remove all contaminants down to 0.01 micron. Hollow fiber membranes subsequently separate the clean air into a concentrated nitrogen output stream and an oxygen enriched permeate stream, which is vented from the system....

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Chromatography Product Brochure - 16

Aerospace Filtration Division Greensboro, North Carolina 336 668 4444 Bioscience & Water Filtration Division Bioscience Filtration Oxnard, California 877 784 2234 Water Purification Carson, California 310 608 5600 Engine Mobile Aftermarket Division Kearney, Nebraska 308 234 1951 Engine Mobile Original Equipment Division Modesto, California 209 521 7860 HVAC Filtration Division Jeffersonville, Indiana 866 247 4827 Hydraulic & Fuel Filtration Division Metamora, Ohio 419 644 4311 Industrial Gas Filtration & Generation Division Lancaster, NY 800 343 4048 Industrial Process Filtration Division...

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