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Tuyau flexible hydraulique haute pression Compact Spiral


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Tuyau flexible hydraulique haute pression Compact Spiral - 2

Unprecedented 35.0 and 42.0 MPa (5000- and 6000-psi) Hose performance in a compact design Compared with conventional spiral hose, Parker's Compact SpiralTM 787TC/797TC Hose offers measurably greater advan-tages in routing and installation, product size and weight, inven-tory savings and much more. A world's first, this development is the most significant advance-ment in hydraulic hose since the introduction of Parker's No-SkiveTM technology more than 25 years ago. Compact Spiral was developed in concurrence with the industry trend toward high-pressure hose manufactured to ISO...

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Tuyau flexible hydraulique haute pression Compact Spiral - 3

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SAE 100R15 Half the bend radius with one-third less effort Providing remarkable flexibility and routing ease, the bend radius of Compact Spiral 787TC/ 797TC is respectively half that of SAE 100R13/SAE 100R15 conventional spiral hose. Nearly 30 % smaller O.D. A key reason for Compact Spi-ral's notably easier handling and routing, this feature also enables bends to start sooner than with conventional spiral, resulting in hose savings, reduction of shaped hose ends - and there is less chance of over-bending. Twice the impulse Compact Spiral Hose is tested to 2,000,000 cycles - two times the...

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Tuyau flexible hydraulique haute pression Compact Spiral - 5

High abrasion rsistance The highly abrasion-rsistant cover of Compact Spiral Hose delivers long, dependable serv驭ice life in rigorous and/or remote installations. Constant pressure Made to ISO 18752-DC hose spcifications, Compact Spiral 787TC (5000 psi) and 797TC (6000 psi) each provide con-stant-pressure performance across all sizes. Two-thirds less hose inventory Where 35.0 MPs and 42.0 MPa applications were each previ-ously covered by up to three SAE hose types, Compact Spiral 787TC covers all 32.0 MPa applications, and 797TC meets all 42.0 MPa hose needs. Simplified fitting selection...

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Tuyau flexible hydraulique haute pression Compact Spiral - 6

Compact Spiral 787TC/797TC is rated to ISO 18752 Type DC ISO 18752 Performance D٩finitions (4.2 Grades and Types) Q Rsistance to Impulse Temprature °C Impulse Pressure ( % of MBDb) Minimum Number of Cycles A AS AC 100 133 % 200.000 B BS BC 100 133 % 500.000 C CS CC 120 133 % and 120 %c 500.000 D DC 120 133 % 1.000.000 a Standard or compact, e.g. CS is grade C and standard type. Standard types have larger outside diameters and larger bend radii and compact types have smaller outside diameters and smaller bend radii. b Maximum working pressure. c 120 % of the MWP shall be used for classes...

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Tuyau flexible hydraulique haute pression Compact Spiral - 7

Just one series of hose ends, Parker's 77 Series, covers all sizes of both 787TC and 797TC Compact Spiral Hose, simplify-ing fitting selection and reducing hose-end inventory. Wide fluid compatibility Parker's patent-pending inner tube compound provides enhan-ced fluid compatibility (e.g., environmental fluids, Polyol Esters), improved tube aging and prolonged life. Advancing the industry Compact Spiral Hose delivers substantial performance and value for systems with high pressure, high impulse applications. These include injection molding, oil and gas, and large mobile equipment including...

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Tuyau flexible hydraulique haute pression Compact Spiral - 8

Parker Worldwide ^Ul IVIIvlvilw tdOl) r^HIvrC AE - United Arab Emirates, Dubai Tel: +971 4 8127100 AT - Austria, Wiener Neustadt Tel: +43 (0)2622 23501-0 AT - Eastern Europe, Wiener Neustadt Tel: +43 (0)2622 23501 900 AZ - Azerbaijan, Baku Tel: +994 50 2233 458 BE/LU - Belgium, Nivelles Tel: +32 (0)67 280 900 BY - Belarus, Minsk Tel: +375 17 209 9399 CH - Switzerland, Etoy Tel: +41 (0)21 821 87 00 CZ -...

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