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High Pressure 20K Valves


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High Pressure 20K Valves Hi-Pro Ball Valve & H-Series Needle Valve

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Together, we are Innovators Hydraulic systems for wellhead control, emergency shut down, chemical injection, pumping packages, gas booster systems, test equipment - the topsides of today’s offshore platforms need new solutions to meet increasingly demanding operating environments. These two 20,000 PSI (1,379 bar) ball and needle instrumentation valves deliver the isolation and control functionality that high pressure fluid applications demand. The valves are fabricated from 316 stainless steel, and offered in NACE (corrosion) compliant and HCT (heat code traceable) versions. Available with...

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Helping you work Faster and Safer Phastite ends bring benefits The unique sealing action of Phastite tubing connections allows tubing joints to be made in seconds — saving a great deal of time compared with alternative connections. Phastite tube ends allow material cost and weight savings to be made as well, as there’s no need for more expensive tubing with extra thickness to accommodate the thread. Phastite end connections also bring high inherent vibration resistance to demanding environments. Therefore, there’s no need for additional anti-vibration accessories. Simpler installation The...

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